Valheim on PC sold over one million copies in its first week on Steam Early Access

Valheim On A Raft
Valheim On A Raft (Image credit: Windows Central | Zackery Cuevas)

What you need to know

  • Valheim is a Norse-inspired survival game that has achieved incredible heights in its first week in Steam Early Access.
  • Iron Gate Studio, the team behind Valheim, just announced that the game has already crossed over one million sales in its first week.
  • Valheim has also been a massive success on Twitch, with over 127,000 concurrent viewers on the streaming service.
  • It's still early days for Valheim, but it can have a bright future ahead of it if it continues to grow like this.

Today's world of video game streamers, social media, and an increased number of gamers staying home during the pandemic encourages surprise hit games to spike in popularity. The latest game to become a target of collective internet interest is Valheim. According to developer Iron Gate Studio, Valheim has already passed one million sales in its first week in Steam Early Access.

This is a pretty incredible milestone for an indie game to pass, especially in such a short amount of time. According to Iron Gate Studio, Valheim impresses with more than just its raw sales, with over 160,000 concurrent users being the current high. Valheim has also seen success on Twitch, with over 127,000 concurrent viewers at one time.

For those not already aware, Valheim is a Norse-inspired survival game that has you play as a Viking who needs to hunt, farm, craft, and battle to survive. From our Valheim PC impressions, we concluded that "Valheim is exciting and could shape up to be one of the Best Survival Games on PC, and I'm excited to see where it ends up after a few updates."

If you're interested in giving Valheim a try, it's currently available on Steam through Early Access. Consider investing in one of the Best Gaming Keyboards for PC to get the most out of Valheim and everything this game does and will have to offer.

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