Valve's The Orange Box hits Xbox One via backwards compatibility

Fans of Valve's classic Orange Box can now give the collection a shot on Xbox One. Xbox's Mike Ybarra announced on Twitter that the Xbox 360 title is now available to play on Xbox One via the console's backwards compatibility feature.

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As you'll recall, The Orange Box packs some popular Valve titles in one package. Those include Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half-Life 2 (along with Episodes 1 and 2). It's certainly no Half-Life 3 (come on Valve!), but hey, we'll take it.

Every backward compatible game currently on Xbox One

In any case, if you already own The Orange Box for Xbox 360, you should be able to enjoy it once again on your Xbox One. The collection is, of course, always available to purchase via the Xbox 360 Marketplace as well.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • the clearest signal of Half-life 3 in a decade. ;-)
  • I have been holding my breath for over that decade it seems like.
  • Awesome! I bought this just recently at GameStop when they had 3 for $10, so this is excellent news for me.
  • Wow! This means Half-life 2 Episode 3 is just around the corner! [goes to blow dust off Orange Box case]
  • That would be amazing. At this point I would just be satisfied with a 1 hour episode 3 if there is never going to be a HL3.
  • Finally! This was my personal top for becoming bc.
  • Loved Portal, but not a fan of Half Life.
  • Same. The reason I purchased the orange box.
  • For the only game in the collection you could buy on Xbox separately?
  • I am a huge fan of HL 2 - EP 1 and EP 2. May  be the best game I have played till now. Nothing can come close to the story and the gameplay.  And then Valve throws in an Addon - Portal which again is awesome and mind bending. Welcome to Xbox
  • Valve looks like the Windows Phones of Games. They make awesome products but they keep people waiting for the next version and suddenly tell us its all over! But the fans still wait endlessly for HL3 (or Lumia ;-)) 
  • Fantastic news!  This was one of my most anticipated titles.  Very happy that this is BC now.
  • YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The only thing holding me back from purchasing an xbox 1 was this.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My opinion, best games ever.  
  • I picked it up second hand a while back, but didn't get far into the half-life episodes before dropping it. In my opinion, the game design hasn't aged well.
  • I'd given up, then Halo Wars 2 happened and now I'm like -- well ¯\_ maybe _/¯.
  • Finally. I don't care about Half-Life, but I bought this on a sale because of Portal and was really disappointed when Portal itself was BC but not The Orange Box.
    Glad it's now on BC. :)