Venom Xbox One Twin Docking Station review: Power your controllers for just $25

For regular gamers, Xbox One controllers can eat countless batteries, making the growing third-party accessories market enticing for many. There are some notable products for charging up on the cheap, avoiding regular restocks of disposable batteries.

UK-based accessory manufacturer, Venom, offers its own console charging solutions, including the Twin Docking Station for Xbox One. With a simple but sleek design, the dock achieves a cheap price point, while delivering everyday essentials. Here's why the accessory deserves a place in your Xbox setup.

What you'll love about the Venom Xbox One Twin Docking Station

Venom's Twin Docking Station packs space to wirelessly charge two official Xbox One controllers via designated slots on the dock. While using battery packs with metal contacts, resting controllers align with protruding pins, topping them up when not in use. It's a simple but effective concept, with controllers naturally falling on the pins when placed.

While the lightweight plastic exterior isn't the most premium feel, it's a clean silhouette in-line with other Xbox hardware. Our unit featured an all-black finish, though white and camouflage variants are also up for grabs. Two forward-facing LED icons are on the front, alternating between red and green between charging status. On the underside, four foam pads provide extra grip for glossy surfaces.

The included controller packs utilize 700mAh nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, fixed into a battery door. This provides substantial charge spanning multiple play sessions, and with a convenient charging solution, some may never see them deplete. Finally, with the included two-meter Mini USB power cable, you'll have flexibility in positioning this dock too.

What you'll dislike about the Venom Xbox One Twin Docking Station

There are few flaws with Venom's Twin Docking Station, essentially fulfilling its promise of simple, low-cost charging. It's a lightweight dock focused on core functionality, without inflating its value with surplus features.

As common with many cheap charging accessories, this bundle's 700mAh NiMH batteries are known for low capacity and quality. Furthermore, this falls short in contrast to the 1400mAh lithium battery in Microsoft's kit, and even the 1100mAh NiMH of the budget AmazonBasics range. If battery life is a major issue for you, we recommend checking out alternatives.

USB connectivity is also more valuable than ever on Xbox One, with external hard drives, headsets, and other accessories fighting for one of three ports. For those tight on ports, a splitter or USB wall adapter may be required, making the identically priced wall-powered AmazonBasics dock more compelling.

Should you buy the Venom Xbox One Twin Docking Station?

The Venom Xbox One twin docking station drops surplus features of some rivals, offering a simple charging solution for the average gamer. It's simple, sleek, and features a competitive price point, making this recommended for the setup of many Xbox One gamers on a budget.

The Venom Xbox One charging station is available via Amazon, priced at $24.99 in the United States. For those in the UK, pricing starts at £14.99.

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