Verizon has tossed up the official ATIV Odyssey page for those who would like to purchase online (and presumably in stores too). In addition, the large CDMA carrier has a neat Flash intro to the device, highlighting three main features including the 4” Super AMOLED display/Gorilla Glass 2, its long-lasting battery (2100mAh) and NFC tap-to-share.

The device sells for $49 after a two-year commitment to Verizon or $450 without a contract. Aimed at entry level users who just want a fun, no frills smartphone featuring Windows Phone 8, the ATIV Odyssey is actually quite a nice little device.

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Windows Phone Central had some hands on time with the Odyssey and felt it was combo of the Focus 2 design with some ATIV S flare added, making it quite nimble in the hand. While the device won’t appeal to those looking for a highend ‘flagship’ phone, we like the ATIV Odyssey for what it is and think those of a more conservative stripe (not in the political sense, folks, calms down) will appreciate it’s more traditional look.

We’ll have a few review of the ATIV Odyssey coming within the next week. Stay tuned.

Source: Verizon 1, 2, Thanks,  WinDroidGuy, for the heads up!

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