Verizon begins Windows Phone 8 training. Launching early November.

Verizon HTC 8X

Here we go folks, with the rumor of Verizon having issues with Windows Phone 8 being dispelled by Paul Thurrott recently, we can get back to guessing when it will launch.

Luckily, we don’t have to guess too much as reader Adil T. has tipped us on this image and some launch info for Verizon. The info comes from friend of his who works for Verizon and as you can see, that gorgeous HTC 8X is running on Big Red’s network (check the Phone Tile).

Regarding the launch, HTC evidently has a “save the date” for Tuesday, November 6th with a launch window around the same time—in other words, very soon.

Oh and is that an ATIV S on that screen back there or is that just a generic Windows Phone?  We’ll try to dig up some more info as it comes in. Thanks, Anon, for the info!

Daniel Rubino

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  • So Verizon is a bandwagon rider lol
  • I'm starting to believe all that Verizon nonsense was just some FUD created by rival competitor to give the impression of uncertainty within WP8.
  • Verizon = Nonsense
    VZW equals a lot of other less than positive things too.  Funny how they think they hold all of the cards in terms of US carriers, yet they can’t get an exclusive on anything except the Droid.  I bet the Verizon reps will be thrilled to see an OS that is easy to use and common on all of the devices.  Looks like the only high end phone will be the ATIV.  Enough of the BS:  8X is not high end.  No card slot, no gyroscope (poor gaming), low end fixed battery (poor battery life), and a horrible rear camera.  8X photo samples on all WP8 forums have failed to impress.  8X is mid-range at best.  Perhaps VZW will surprise us with a hidden high end Nokia?  Or, VZW will continue “= nonsense” and I will wait for the Surface Phone.
  • "yet they can’t get an exclusive on anything except the Droid"
    Seeing as how the Droid currently owns the #1 spot in the mobile phone market, I don't understand why you believe it's a negative for Verizon have Droid exclusives.
  • The issue with the "all about Droid" program at VZW is that there is no push from them to look at exclusives or high end devices for any other ecosystems like WP8.  Many of us are on corpoorate plans at VZW and don't have the option to jump ship to another carrier who promotes exclusive relationship with Nokia or Apple.  We suffer with the non-Droid devices they carry; which puts all of "us" VZW Windows Phone cusotmers on the street with the Trophy.  It would be nice to upgrade to something that is not mid-range.  Again, would be cool if they carry the Samsung ATIV.
  • Are you really blaming VZW (and they get plenty of blame for plenty of things) for not having the Nokia 920.  Personally, I blame Nokia and Microsoft for not following Samsung and HTC's lead for high end phones - the 8X (whether you like the non-removable battery/fixed storage this is the high end HTC offering) and Ativ S are going to be made available on all the carriers (not sure if Sprint is even going to offer WP8 out of the gate).  The iPhone and GS3 are the standards for the phone (whether you like the phone or not) being EXACTLY (except for radio bands) the same everywhere in the world - Nokia and MS should have pushed for exactly the same phones (920 and 820) on every carrier everywhere in the world.  Personally, I would NEVER switch carriers for a hand set - love 'em or hate 'em you can't fix phone/data coverage - you can get a variety of hand sets on any one carrier.  While I would love to save money on T-Mo or Sprint (ATT is no better than VZW) NO ONE can touch the phone/data coverage for me with VZW and the best smartphone in the world (and I would argue that the 920 is not necessarily the best WP8 phone) does you no good if you can't make phone calls or connect to the internet.
  • It was Verizon choice not to get LM 920 or such for sale. Nokia would offer it for sure.
    What comes to HTC 8X, it is NOT a flagship phone. Its just typical HTC product like Titan series.   In this case HTC wanted to copycat Nokia design and colors. HTC is also known for bad battery life and product support.
    I am waiting for my yellow Nokia Lumia 920!
  • Swyot here. Don't believe these baseless rumors. The verizons only got the trophy so they won't getz the wp8. Anyone can stage a Verizon training room with an 8x. Until it's on the shelves and what not.
  • Whuh. It's an 8X that says "Verizon Wireless" on the Phone Tile.
  • He's tagging on a naysayer named swyot
  • Lol the phone says Verizon though.
  • you my friend are clueless, both verizon and HTC already said ON RECORD that they WILL have WIN PHONE8 on vzw. htc said it when they announced the 8x and 8s and verizon also said it before that. stop being a hater
  • He's joking on a regular poster/troll.
  • We already saw the verizon branded back of the 8x the day before they unveiled them
  • With the rumors of Verizon having issues with WP8...yet ATT is ready to go and has the lumia 920 among others ready for preorder....hmmm...wonder who might have started that rumor??? ;)
  • Some random person who works for that crappy website.
  • I didn't believe any part of that rumor. It made no sense.
  • Dammit... As much as I know the lumia 920 is the smart purchase for me, the 8x is just so darn attractive...
    On looks I would easily choose the 8x. But I know I'll get more bang for my buck with the lumia 920. Its like choosing between the corvette and the Subaru, the grad student and the model...
  • To me the 920 is the Model who is also a grad student.
  • Ditto
  • Valedictorian at that.
  • Indeed , I think the lumia's front looks considerably better than the 8x's, but the 8x has a nicer looking back. Overall though, the 920 is a considerably better phone because of the screen, camera and build quality
  • Nice to know you've gotten to play with both pre release to have a feel for the build quality.
  • Hmm sexy front or hot rear?? Decisions, decisions..
  • I would rather have the sexy front. The front is the part that you interact with (fondle with) most of the time.
  • How can you judge screen and build quality without holding a real phone in your hand. While the 920 camera may be "better" I think the camera tech on HTC phones (F 2.0 lens, Imgagsense chip) is going to be quite good and may be good enough for most people.   By the way, by many accounts the HTC One X Super LCD 2 screen is the best screen on the market.  No reason to think that the 8X screen won't be spectacular.  AND, if you want a little more compact phone (the 920 is big and chunky compared to a lot of the other phones) then the 8X is going to be a great phone.
  • Sorry to break your bubble dude, but you don't know what you re talking about.
    it is already known fact that:
    - HTC is almost direct design copy of Nokia phone
    - HTC copycat Nokia colors
    - 8X has poor battery life
    - 8X has just average camera
    - 8X has just 4.3" average screen
    HTC 8X is NOT a Flagship phone. It is actually just a medium range stuff. HTC just trying to mimic last years Nokia strategy to make "a good and cheap" phone.
    if you like copycat followers, then yes, HTC is for you.
  • CARCHATHOTH - Also note that the 8X has no SD Card slot.  No way to upgrade or replace the poor battery.  And NO gyroscope.  Check out the specs from HTC.  Send HTC an email and ask them to confirm.  NO gyroscope in the device which means you or your kids will have minimal to no game playing on the device.  The 8X is actually a step below the 822.  Both ARE medium range stuff.  Both are cheap.  I dunno about the "good" part. 
  • Literally just in time for my mom's update to allow me to get it. :)
  • I saw at the Microsoft store in Boston at&t has some 8x overview from htc.  I did notice one of the people actually has the phone. It looked like it because the color and what not. I did not get to see the screen because she of the angle but when she sat down it was in her hand and it looked like the 8x.  The area was blocked off so regular people could enter. I could not even hear it so much do to the design of the area.  So I would imagine that managers are having the phones to use.  (this was last friday the 19th). 
  • YEAHHHH!!!!!
  • Nice to know that I'll be able to be running Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8 together in the very near future.
  • About F-ing time Verizon!  I was in the process of starting a thread to complain about big red's lack of anything on WP8, when this article was posted.  Hopefully, it is not just HTC, but also has the opportunity for the ATIV.  At this point, I would prefer the 920, but that is obviously not in the cards.  
    I have an unlimited plan that I don't want to lose.  
    Hopefully, more info is out on this soon.  
  • You'll lose it when you upgrade anyway..
  • Not if he pays full price for it...
  • I have unlimited data with VZW right now.  Called about my upgrade.  If I move to a limited plan that comes nowhere near my current usage over the past 24 months, my bill actually goes down by $10 a month. 
  • So, you're paying full price to keep your unlimited data?
  • Wonder if Verizon will let me upgrade early?
  • Yeah and lose unlimited data.
  • I know this has been said before but... I want the 920
  • So I saved the picture to look at the EXIF data to see if it still had the camera used and saw that it was last edited with Photoshop...on a Mac! FOR SHAME, MR. RUBINO, FOR SHAME!
  • lol...the Lenovo is running W8 and I don't have enough room on the SSD to install PS just yet (dual boot system).
  • sure...sure...excuses, excuses.
    :) Just kidding; my work computer is a Mac, as was my laptop a few years ago. I just thought it was mildly ironic.
  • Wow a Lenovo running windows phone 8 pre-launch!? Kidding but I think he means windows 8
  • Nice. I was sure Verizon will be getting WP devices :) 
  • That does look like the ativS in the background
  • Doesn't look anything like ativ s if you ask me. Start menu button looks different
  • So...
    Does this mean the Verizon lovers will stop bitching now??? Of course not but heres hoping...
  • Just noticed somebody is wasting start screen real estate with the camera tile, which somebody familiar with WP's pocket-to-picture woudn't do, lending more credibility to this being in a Verizon store...
  • Lol, the default start screen ms has been showing has had a camera tile, he also only talked about the regular WP8 features that have been leaked and talked about already, so I'm still hoping for some big secret features to be unveiled on the 29th, but it's looking more and more grim. Still stoked about wp8 though!
  • It's not our fault that their coverage is superior across a large chunk of the U.S. 
  • Apart from Vagrantwade, we might have found the biggest bitch on the website lol. What's got your panties in a bunch? As a whole, Verizon has the best coverage across the US. Even if the phones are inferior, it's not worth dealing with a superior phone if the coverage isn't there.
  • Don't forget about Verizon spying on you.
  • My question is why are there people on this site that constantly blame Microsoft and Nokia for Verizon's apathy toward WP? Verizon is the customer for these phones since they subsidize them so they deserve an equal share of the blame (hence who I am refering too with "Verizon lovers").
    All one had to do is look at Verizon's track record: KIN data-renege, VZ executives talking shit about WP, not carrying LTE lumia after demanding LTE WP devices, etc... If you are stuck on VZ, be resigned to the fact that they don't care about WP and that  they won't be carrying every hot WP device, because they dont' want to, not because they weren't  offered the devices. Being VZ customer does not equal having to defend their BS.
  • I'm liking that the calendar square tile still has info on it, definetely ramps up the flexibility in tile setup.  
    Also, is this picture stretched, or does this 8x look tall and thin, almost like an iphone 5 in it's profile.  
  • No I noticed in the side by sides of all the screens and tiles the 8x really is tall and skinny
  • Indeed, the 8X is much skinnier and lighter than the Lumias.
  • Sweet Christ!! About time!
  • BOOM!
  • Nokia should have never done the exclusive thing with At&t. Verizon is probably a much better place to be exclusive with. But I hope Nokia got a large sum of money because in general exclusive is never a way to go when you a struggling it's one thing if they were rich but they aren't. 
  • That HTC looks decent but let's be real. What dude is gonna walk around with that purple "blue" phone?
  • I would
  • Same here
  • I would if that was the best my carrier was offering.
  • ...
  • It wouldn't take much training to make it better than it was. I'm not even sure most of their staff knew they even had a Windows phone
  • U notice that the tile in that pic seems more rectangular than square. It could be how the photo is cropped. Or the girly aspect ratio of the 8x. Best content viewing is on the Lumia 920!
  • Now it's dumb comments like this that make me hate Nokia and its fan boys
  • Comments like yours make me hate non-Nokia folks, who blame Nokia for their fan boys mis-deeds. 
  • glad Verizon is taking Windows phone seriously
  • The phone looks awesome, and this is great news for us stuck in Verizon land, but those bacon strips in the bottom left corner made me hungry for more!!
  • If Verizon announces bacon accessories, I'll drop Sprint like a bad habit.
  • Anyone notice what appears to be a voicemail tile? Does this mean we will finally have visual vm on a WP on VZ? Interesting that it is a separate tile, and not part of the phone tile.
  • Best thing about this phone no ugly Verizon logo on the front
  • Nokia 920 or no sale.
  • Why does the 8x in the photo not say htc on the front? Isn't the actual phone supposed to have the logo under the speaker?
  • If it's true, it's about time...
  • Went to the training...  Verizon is pricing the HTC WP 8X at $200. I really want WP to succeed and have been pushing awareness around it in our store, but pricing a mid-tier device with no customer awareness or interest the same as a GSIII / Razr HD / iP5 = WP DOA on the country's largest and most influential carrier. Mid and low tier phones do not do well on VZW. The best selling inexpensive phones are typically slightly older, discounted flagships. This does not bode well for Nokia's chances with their Asha, I mean Lumia 822 either. My last hope that WP will be a success lies with us picking up the Ativ. Samsung is starting to build brand loyalty that I have previously only seen from Apple and Motorola, so hopefully that translates into Ativ demand. I'm just worried... If VZW / Microsoft don't drop some serious promotions (extra discounts / early upgrades / ect), then I think WP8 will have a very rough beginning on Verizon and perhaps by extension, the US.  
  • How many device announcements can we expect in November?  I hear that there will be 2.  It looks like the impatient customers are going to be told about the 822 and 8X in just a few days.  However, why are there leaks from VZW with customers being to to wait for Black Friday for special announcements, promotions, etc.?
  • They did not give us that info... The device used for training was the 8X and we didn't handle any other handsets, as the training was more of an OS class instead of hardware training. Now, don't get the wrong idea from my post above. I realize, rereading it today, that it looks as if I didn't care for the 8X. Quite the opposite! The device is speedy, with a great screen and very pocketable design. The tactility of the materials used is also phenomenal. That being said, it is most certainly not a top tier device, and my point about mid-range devices not doing well at Verizon stands. They have not had any internal announcements about marketing or promotions for WP yet, as I assume we will launch the Note 2 (my next phone!) and the Droid DNA (1080P 5" Android) before the major push for WP begins. My main issue about the launch centers around pricing... If the info that we received is correct, I think pricing the 8X (and Ative assuming it comes to VZW) against the iP5 and Galaxy S3 is a recipe for very sub par sales. My worry is that if initial sales are low, VZW will panic and drop the price to move units. This will have two results. It will ingrain the association of WP being "low end" in customer's heads. This stigma once aquired, is very hard to ditch and leads to the low end phone on VZW dilemma that I mentioned above. The second issue that an immediate price drop would cause is for Verizon to rethink its marketing investment in WP. Doing this would immediately kill any momentum for WP on Verizon, as the only way that it is going to sway Android/iPhone users in any decent numbers is to promote the hell out of it. Verizon dumping them just might drag WP chances in the whole US down with it. I am still cautiously optimistic that MSFT will drop some major promotions for customers to help the launch, but I have not seen any indication of such a thing as of yet.
  • Thanks VW.  There are some Verizon leaks, Nokia leaks and PureView leaks that provide some positive news around your concerns regarding price, user acceptance, high end devices, and Verizon's general attitude around WP.
    While VZW staff and the general public have seen information regarding the 8X and 822, it has been suggested that a few other devices are waiting in the wings: specifically a higher end Nokia device.  There is supposed to be an announcement before 11/12 about the 8X and 822 – however there is rumor of another device announcement around Thanksgiving.  At that time, one or more devices are supposed to be rolled out – along with an enthusiastic Black Friday push at the Verizon Retail Stores.  922 is abuzz everywhere.  There’s also the Atlas that has leaked.  Also, Nokia / VZW may be promoting free wireless chargers with devices, as well as special pricing and contract incentives.
    All of it seems to align with typical Verizon traditions.  Nothing is announced in advance.  Leaks appear to be based on information that they “want” to hit the streets.  Verizon Black Friday 2011 was the biggest selling day of the year for Verizon. A day filled with free headsets, iPhone promotions, and cash back cards of $100. (I am sure that they want to break that record.)  Plus the Atlas and 9XX phones are not being discounted – they are being reinforced with Nokia and PureView leaks.  We may end up seeing lines outside of Verizon stores just like Apple!
    So, VW, can you share for me how your comp plan works at VZW?  May be a good holiday job to jump into this year!  :)