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Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 coming in early November in Black and White, $500 off-contract

Verizon is expected to launch the new Nokia Lumia 929 in early November, sources familiar with the matter have revealed to Windows Phone Central. An inventory date of November 6th is listed for the phablet device, which may range in the 5-inch range as opposed to AT&T’s expected 6-inch device codenamed “Beastie” (also known as the Lumia 1520).

The off-contract price is listed at $500, which is far below the earlier-reported $699 off-contract price for AT&T’s Lumia 1520. While the specifications of Verizon’s Lumia 929 have yet to be detailed, the pricing and FCC documentation seem to suggest the device won’t be the same as found on AT&T. While both devices will have a 20 MP PureView camera (with oversampling and dual shot akin to the Lumia 1020) and 1080P displays, AT&T seems to be going for a truly massive Lumia while Verizon appears to be opting for a more conservative device.

Lumia 929

Interestingly, the colors listed for the device are just black and white. Indeed, the earlier leaked photo of the device was in white and the render in black, with a red version yet to be spotted. Of course all of this information is subject to change, meaning pricing and color options may still vary.

If the launch date is accurate, it will signify the first time in the US that Nokia will be able to launch two similar Lumias on two competing carriers at the same time. We’ve reported the earlier date for AT&T as listed at November 7th but with a more likely Friday, November 8th date (AT&T traditionally launches new devices on Fridays). Either way, it looks like both devices will launch very close to each other in early November.

Both new Lumias will reportedly be announced at the end of October at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, giving a two-week lead before the devices are available to the public. Windows Phone Central will be there live to cover the event.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • wow verizon really likes to stamp their ugly logo over everything...
    nonetheless i'm liking the size of this phone a bit more than the 6 inch phablet.
  • I have to agree, they are defacing the phone.
  • The look/carrier branding aside - If I buy it from Verizon at off-contract price of $500, Would I be able to use it with my AT&T SIM? Would it work and if it does, would it work with AT&T LTE ? I am sure a lot of T-Mobile subscribers have the exact same question as me :-)
  • Probably not. Verizon and Sprint both use CDMA and different bands of LTE for their services. The only reason ATT and T-Mo are fairly compatible is that both are GSM. 
  • Aren't Verizon LTE phones supposed to have SIM slot for LTE SIM? I thought that was the reason Verizon iPhone 5 could be used on AT&T and T-Mobile. I just want to make sure the same thing is true for Verizon Lumia 929 with regard to its SIM slot being unlocked with full retail price.
  • Actually Verizon sells most of there 4G Flagship devices unlocked and ready for global use. You won't be able to use ATT for LTE for example bit HSPA+ and voice work just fine as it has GSM and CDMA radios inside the devices.
  •  To be honest, you might be able to get away with it. When Verizon sold the iphone 5 last year, it was unlocked and people on AT&T's network could use it with a new sim.
  • Yes. This will sell much better than 1520 if it has 5 inch screen with same specs(1080p, SD800) as 1520. I hope Nokia releases this globally because 6 inch too big for most people.
  • I agree, if the 1520 was 5 or 5.5 that would be better.
  • From what I read from the 1520 the bezel is very small and it will fit in your hand like a galaxy note 2. So a 6 inch that feels like a 5.5 inch phone.
  • Funny, I'm usually told the opposite.
  • At least it is on the back, not the front.
  • Its on the top left also.
  • Missed that one. My 822 has it at the bottom middle, but my case covers it nicely. The placement on the 929 doesn't look like a case will cover it.
  • Might can remove it depending on how it is applied.
  • It's funny how much this phone looks like the 520 yet they decided to name the ATT version the 1520 even though that version looks nothing like the 520. Is "520" now a brand at Nokia 520, 1-520, 2-520? The naming scheme has gotten loopy. They really should be making a 520 for Verizon and Sprint.
  • It's not just their logo - it seems like every Windows Phone on Verizon has to be ugly outright.

    I'll never understand Verizon.
  • The Pictures of the 928 looked bad with the logo but the real phone it doesn't stand out. I'll wait until we see one hands on. As to screen size I was hoping for a 6".
  • I've been off-contract for almost a year, just waiting for the right device to make me upgrade my Titan. If this 929 has a 5" screen, I will definitely jump from ATT to Verizon.
  • Only place I've ever read where 6" was too big...
  • I've been seeing that all over WPC... I don't get it. People say the same thing about small screens, physical keyboards, 41MP cameras, front-facing cameras, thumbprint readers, kickstands, headphone jacks on the bottom, headphone jacks on the top, USB ports on the bottom, USB ports on the top, metal cases, poly cases, WP8, iOS, Android, BB10, Symbian and the list goes on and on. There's no single phone that will fill everyone's needs, and thankfully the manufacturers try to reach into these smaller areas of interest! I applaud Nokia for coming out with these bigger phones. The alternative is Apple's 1 or 2 sizes fits all approach. If you don't want a big screen, don't buy a 929 or 1520. On the other hand, some people don't want to have to tote around a phone and tablet when a phablet would do just fine. I use my phone as a "phone" probably 5% of the time and use it as a mini-computer 60% of the time and as my go to point-and-shoot camera 35% of the time.
    And maybe... just maybe... if they keep coming out with bigger phones, we'll get physical keyboards back some day!! I can dream! 
  • Time to switch
  • I wonder if this HIGH end Lumia is NOT going to have BT 4.0 like the 1020.
  • I'm sure it will. Noticed how they specifically said CURRENT high-end Lumias. That wording  matters.
  • Hahaa
  • And the article got updated too, you guys should read that
  • I'm pretty disappointed in your reporting on that one. The country-specific Twitter accounts are rarely all that accurate, and they claimed that the 920 et al did not have hardware support despite all MSM8960 devices having hardware support for 4.0. Normally you guys are fairly reliable, there you just fell on your faces.
  • Yay
  • Nice!!!
  • End of October to Nov. 8th is NOT two weeks. Hehehe.
  • 16-17 days is close enough.
  • Does it have bt4.0? :)
  • I think I like VZW's phone better that what ATT will be putting out next.
  • Bravo for multi-carrier same day launch, MS should insist on this always
  • Hopefully Nokia isn't just resing on their laurels with this phone, and it will come with some more compelling features other than just the large 1080p screen and 20mp camera.  By the time it's released it's already going to be up against some stiff competition from beefier android phablets, along with the already aging tech inside of it.
  • What phone has a 20mp camera other than Nokia 1020 and pureview? Aging tech? Seriously? WP are updated every 3 months
  • What I mean is I'm hoping it makes use of new SOC's since it will most likely be premiered with GDR3- rather than the same one that's being used in the 920/1020 models, along with other hardware/software features that make full use of that update as well.
  • He's refering to the same Snapdragon CPU and Adreno 225 GPU thats been found in every high end Lumia since the 920.  At least I think thats what he's getting at.  I have to agree, I sincerely hope theres updated internals in this thing.  Either way, Im glad to see VZW sticking with WP.
  • That's exactly what I meant (was too lazy to search the model lol).  Microsoft really needs to push their hardware partners especially on the gpu front.  Mobile gaming is a huge profit area these days, and I just don't feel as if they're pushing in that area as hard as they can, especially with the Xbox games platform.  WP8 has so much potential but I feel sometimes like they're squandering it by not taking risks or pushing the envelope a bit.
  • The only phone on Android to compete with this would be the Xperia Z1 but Sony screwed up big time with the camera software and the lack of OIS.
    However they may still correct that until November...though I honestly think they'll just do that around February with the Xperia Z2. Until then Nokia shouldn't really be worried. And if the disastrous deal with Microsoft goes through, then when the Z2 arrives it will no longer be Nokias problem but Microsofts. Then you can worry about outdated technology...
  • This ^^^
  • The Microsoft-Nokia deal will go through, your hating doesn't matter, the board has already approved the sale and soon Shareholders too will encash their shares for money. Hope you don't commit suicide the day this deal is completed officially. 
  • Hoping someone commits suicide is just going to far man.
  • He's a sanctioned idiot. Don't read to much into his ill-shitted provocative answers. 
  • Reread his comment, he did not say what you accused him of saying.
  • 'don't'. He said 'don't commit suicide'...
  • Neither does your ignorant misinformed 'murican opinion. And yet, here we have it. Once again.
  • Hasn't it been unofficially confirmed to be using the snapdragon 800? I'd say that's a pretty jump up from the processors in our current Lumia line-up. However, Apple did throw a bit of a curveball into the mix recently with their 64bit A7 cpu. Which means we'll likely be seeing a new snapdragon announced soon to best that, which of course will be released in an Android phone the following week. So WP will soon be behind the 8ball again. But based on benchmarks the snapdragon has been holding it's own pretty well against the A7 surprisingly. 
  • I could care less about 64bit support- it's really nothing more than a marketing gimmick at this current time.  However, I do hope GDR3 phones come out sporting snapdragon 800 along with apps/features that make full use of it.  Anything less would be a dissapointment going into he 2014 smartphone market.
  • Agree about the 64bit support though we all know it will become the standard eventually. But I'd say it's better to have it to sooner than last. And I doubt all GD3 models will have sd800 cpu's.. just the ones with 1080p screens. So 1520 and 929 for now obviously.
  • I honestly don't know why everyone complains about the Verizon logo on phones. It doesn't really bother me. And I like the 929 better than the 1520 due to the screen size. 5 inches for the screen is just about perfect.
  • I have a case on my phone, so I never see it.
  • Or a cracked screen. :)
  • I would LOVE a 64 GB option and/or expandable storage...with limited data plans, music in the could makes no sense...need more local storage...
  • I'm so tired of cloud this and cloud that. I like my things stored locally. It should be mandatory that they do higher memory phones or include some sort of card slot. (that goes for all phone makers).
  • Agreed 100%.....Wish all high end WP devices HAD to have expandable storage. The cloud does not do it when your in spotty areas.
  • +with all 8GB of the 8X's storage ;-)
  • Clearly were cutting corners they shouldn't have.
  • "[...]codenamed “Beastie” (also known as the Lumia 1520)."
    ... err wasn't the 1520's codename "Bandit"?  
  • Bandit was the international version, Beastie is internal to AT&T
  • Oh, didn't know that. Thanks for clarification.
  • Yeah 5 inch is perfect (with + 3000Mah) , I am waiting see what will be the international version release alongside with Lumia 1520
  • Did any real specs come out for this phone yet ? FM radio ? SDcard slot ? 32gb or 64gb ? Or is it all rumors at this point ? I still want at least 32gb with a MicroSD for media, STILL.
    Bigger display means a bigger phone, wonder how large it will be over the 928. If it's too big, I might pass on it, I can see that the trim is not as large as it is on the 928 so maybe it will be close to the same size.
    $500, not bad if it has all the good specs...but, I am hoping for WP 8.5/9...
  • Verizon took FM Radio out from Lumia 928 GDR2 update. I would not put too much hope on seeing FM Radio on this device.
  • I sure hope that the L929 comes to Europe (meaning the phone with that size. The L1520 is horrible).
    Otherwise I may have to start phoning my colleagues in America to have one sent unlocked to me :P And for 500$? That's incredibly cheap!
  • What's so terrible about the 1520 :|
  • The size and the camera hump. The size - 6" - is way too big for my taste and the camera hump is completely unaesthetic and unnecessary, as proven by the L929.
  • And you are? You think you represent half the population on earth? Then make phones thinking more than what you prefer. They have more brains than you to make what is selling in market these days!
  • Huh wtf i Just asked what was so terrible about the 1520 wow -_-
  • Dude! My comment was for DJCBS, i like the 1520 man!
  • I'm inclined to agree. 6" is too big and impractical a screen size for me. I don't care so much about the presence of the camera hump one way or the other.
  • Yeah that is very cheap. With it being that cheap I wonder whether it will have the same internals as the 1520 which would be a shame if it doesn't. I plan on getting a 1520 for my work line, but I think 5" is the sweet spot for me so I would love to get it for my personal line.
  • Judging from the 1080p WP8 screens, I think they really need to make an option to have the wide tile size occupy the whole width of the screen, and/or make them have double height. In fact, having medium sized tiles with double height would also be awesome.
  • Evleaks never said a red one is coming. The Twitter post you linked says the Lumia 2520 (tablet) is coming in black and red, not the 929 nor 1520. Think you got a bit confused there!
  • +1
  • Benn hearing alot of good news from Verizon and nothing but bs from att . I love wp8 but if att is done supporting wp8 then to not get frustrated with wp8 I'll just switch to a more promising carrier and unlike at first, Verizon is now coming out with sweet phones
  • Nooo, Why did they remove the Xenon flash??  
  • It casts a yellow hue on photos is my guess. I don't know I want one in my phone.
  • The Xenon flash doesn't cast any yellow hue...
  • Nokia going all the way to Abu Dhabi to launch a VZW exclusive sounds sketchy. I am thinking the 1520 is the "new Lumia" phone for the whole world while 929 is simply a 1080p phone.
  • Doesn't seem right.
  • Maybe they have a 929 International  version too. Not likely they will launch a VZW exclusive in Abu Dhabi.
  • If it's 5 inches....
  • The front carrier branding on devices is and has always been a real turn off for me.
  • So what will be the next Lumia phone for T-Mobile?
  • Give me 1020 on Verizon, or give me old android phone is begging me for an upgrade, and 1020 is what I want, but stupid ATT exclusive BS
  • This this this!
  • I really hate Nokia's naming conventions.
  • You prefer they use Samsung naming conventions?
  • This phone looks so bland. I'm sure it will look better in person, but man. Glad I hopped on the 1020 and didn't wait for these 929 & 1520. After holding the Galaxy Mega, 6" for a phone is just too much for me.
  • Looking forward for 5" in at&t. Good luck Verizon....
  • two similar Lumias on two competing carriers at the same time
    Not really similar, if one is 5" and the other is 6", it's like comparing the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3. Even though the Bandit / Beastie has a market, this 929 will sell much better, as a replacement of the 920.
    I hope they will both have an international version.
  • I'm sure Daniel would prefer they offer yellow
  • Seriously, why do you keep claiming that the 929 and 1520 are variants of each other. That is like saying the Galaxy Note is a variant of the Galaxy S. Yes they may be similar, but a 5" phone is not in the same product line of a 6" phone. My guess is they are two different phones that will launch together for different demographics. The Verizon Lumia 929 will most likely have an international version (including a version for ATT as well), maybe the Lumia 930. Just because Verizon may or may not be getting the 1520, does automatically make the 929 their version of it.
  • Black. How retro!
  • Nokia Indonesia really need to release newer lumia model now, we're still stuck with 720 as the "newest" phonee
  • evleaks did not say 929 was coming in red, you misread the sentence. This has been pointed out to you in the comments before as well.
  • Hope it has FM radio.
  • +100
  • Does it have metal frame similar to the 925?
  • 4.5-4.8"
  • Anyone know the timeline in terms of a Microsoft Store carrying these devices?  The MS Stores has some nice iPhone credits/rebates they are offering on old devices.  I have a few laying around which could help the price come down from the $500 price point.
  • its looks like to purchase if Nokia (still pending) seems to be showing some effects already, since NOkia came back to the states Verizon always waited 4-6 months and now two phones at the same time on 2 diff carriers, i looks very promising. lets hope the tablets are the same and all future devices, the only way MS/Nokia can get their market share up is to be on all carriers at the same time with up to date features 8.1.
  • I like the 929 a lot! 6 inches seems to big but if the Lumia 929 is around 5 or 5,5 than it's perfect! 1080 for another column of tiles is very welcome!
  • Verizon always gets the ugly Nokia phones. Give me the 929 in a 925 or 920 body. The 928 is ugly.
  • This will be my next phone. Am I the only one that needs at least 64gb? at least sd card. How do SD cards work with wp8? What can u put on them
  • Trust me, your not the only one... I want a 64gb model or 32gb with MicroSD... and there are many others who think 32gb is not enough these days..
    SDcards are on the lower end WP8 devices (the 1 high end is the Samsung ATIV S that has a MicroSD slot), as for content, you can put media (pictures, videos, music) and podcasts but, you can not install apps to the card... So a 16gb with slot would not do for most people, incuding me..
  • Yeah I have the 928 and I'm battling storage problems. I think I have 6gb left right now. Pictures music and videos are only 6gb . Its killing me to figure out how to create more space
  • You are not the only one.  I want 64GB built-in AND microSD.....
  • Can I get something other than black or white???? How about Cyan or yellow??? Your killing me Big Red with the colors
  • A7 may be a 64-bit CPU, but did you ever think iOS 7 is 64-bit software? If not, the 64-bit CPU gives them zero advantage. May as well be an 8-bit CPU for that POS apple calls iOS7.
  • Come on. Lets get some color on these Verizon phones. Had a black 822 and now a white 928. I need some cyan. Yellow or Verizon Red. Anything but black and white.
  • Gray x)
  • That's a pretty nice price for a 5-inch phone. It makes me wonder if this thing will roll with a Snapdragon 600, while the 800 is reserved for the 6-inch device on AT&T or something.
  • Wow, this thing has zero style to it.  I also loathe how the larger screens on these Lumias have smaller tiles compared to their 9xx Lumia counterparts.
  • Still no specs know for this ? Like CPU ram ?
  • Its kind of
  • So does AT&T get exclusive deals on colors as well? One thing that was cool about WP is the accented color trims....but only AT&T gets the devices with color backs! I hope & pray that MIcrosoft's buyout of Nokia's hardware divison stops this non-sense with carrier variants. There's way too many variations of WIndows Phone for 1 or 2 Lumia device's to "catch on" in the states.
  • Might have been worth it to inquire about the BlackBerry Z30 while you were at it. 
    Considering that Verizon is launching two five-inch devices on both platforms competing for that tertiary spot, could be worthwhile to check some other launch dates for devices in this pivotal sales season coming up.
    Otherwise good report. Thanks.