Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 coming in early November in Black and White, $500 off-contract

Verizon is expected to launch the new Nokia Lumia 929 in early November, sources familiar with the matter have revealed to Windows Phone Central. An inventory date of November 6th is listed for the phablet device, which may range in the 5-inch range as opposed to AT&T’s expected 6-inch device codenamed “Beastie” (also known as the Lumia 1520).

The off-contract price is listed at $500, which is far below the earlier-reported $699 off-contract price for AT&T’s Lumia 1520. While the specifications of Verizon’s Lumia 929 have yet to be detailed, the pricing and FCC documentation seem to suggest the device won’t be the same as found on AT&T. While both devices will have a 20 MP PureView camera (with oversampling and dual shot akin to the Lumia 1020) and 1080P displays, AT&T seems to be going for a truly massive Lumia while Verizon appears to be opting for a more conservative device.

Lumia 929

Interestingly, the colors listed for the device are just black and white. Indeed, the earlier leaked photo of the device was in white and the render in black, with a red version yet to be spotted. Of course all of this information is subject to change, meaning pricing and color options may still vary.

If the launch date is accurate, it will signify the first time in the US that Nokia will be able to launch two similar Lumias on two competing carriers at the same time. We’ve reported the earlier date for AT&T as listed at November 7th but with a more likely Friday, November 8th date (AT&T traditionally launches new devices on Fridays). Either way, it looks like both devices will launch very close to each other in early November.

Both new Lumias will reportedly be announced at the end of October at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, giving a two-week lead before the devices are available to the public. Windows Phone Central will be there live to cover the event.

Daniel Rubino

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