Verizon Lumia Icon Denim update teased for possible February release

Verizon Lumia Icon owners are a passionate crowd and seemingly asking on a daily basis when the promised Lumia Denim update for their phones will be delivered. In late 2014 it was promised for "early 2015" but now we're into 2015 folks are getting itchy update fingers once again. Microsoft's Joe Belfiore is the target of a number of questions on the subject, and he's got a couple of things to say about it today.

"Lumia icon people asking what I meant by "early 2015": The first part of the year. In my mind that means jan/feb or so. Less likely March.""Know that Vzw & MS are actively, daily working on getting it done. The test process has unpredictability so we can't say a firm end date"

Since January is done with that would suggest Microsoft and Verizon are aiming to push it out in February. But as with the second statement, it could easily slip due to circumstances beyond Microsoft's control. But it hasn't been forgotten about, at least.

Source: @joebelfiore

Richard Devine
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