Verizon speaks softly about Mango update--it's coming

Customers on Verizon who own the HTC Trophy (see review) are certainly wondering where big red stands on the Mango update. By all accounts, most carriers seem to be in line with the "in a few weeks" stance that Microsoft has given them and because of that, we expect Verizon to do the same. That and we've seen the finalized HTC ROM for the Verizon Trophy--meaning this is really just Verizon approving it.

Now, via Verizon's Twitter account, they have spoken on the issue. No specifics were given, but it seems as if they are still aiming for "soon" like everyone else:

"It [Mango] is coming soon. We do not have the exact date yet. Once available, you will receive notification on your phone."

Not a home run, but at least is something, right?

Thanks, Matthew W., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Verizon has posted an update page with documentation and "Coming Soon" as well:
  • WOW, Verizon really does suck. Come on, you can do better than that big V.
  • Why do you say they suck ? They don't give dates, and if you have been a Verizon or Microsoft customer, they play the same game. Rumor is that it will be on the same day as AT&T (27th)If you want it today, you can get it. The HTC Leaked roms ARE THE FINAL. I installed it on a Trophy of mine that was going out for insurance replacement but, I wrote down all the numbers (firmware, radio, bootloader, etc), and they do match 100% on everything shown in on the site.The only difference is that it appears that Verizon will be doing it as a Upgrade via Zune and not a Rom update (nuke of your phone)
  • True that... they still have not updated the Thunderbolt to 2.3 and that is one of their flagship devices... Though in the Thunderbolt's case, they need to load it down with their bulkware so it takes longer. :) God I hate that phone.
  • At least they're giving some acknowledgement to the upcoming Mango update, however vague it is.
  • I suppose. We'll see how it pans out.
  • Thanks for the link Jamie, those two documents there are pretty informative.
  • Verizon HTC Trophy Mango Update: 27 September!
  • where did this info come from?
  • Sprint? Hello?
  • their response is the same they gave me a few days ago
  • I'm willing to bet that Microsoft is posturing with Apple to try to control the media hype. They both seem to be in a standoff to see who will make the first move.
  • I got downvoted but has any carrier released Mango yet or are they waiting on the green light from Microsoft to do so? Just think about it...who controls when this gets released? And it also makes sense that Microsoft is being really vague about when it will = waiting for apple. Apple on the other hand is supposedly a couple weeks away from the iphone announcement but is quiet. This points to a media showdown and we're the bait.
  • Supposedly, the carrier has to approve the release since they have the option to customize it, but it is delivered from Microsoft via their Zune system platform.
  • Yeah I understand it but it just seems to fit quite nicely with my theory. My bet is that once Apple or Microsoft finally announce/update, the other will hit with their piece of news.
  • their response is the same they gave me a few days ago
  • Well at least there is some information out there. I too went to the Verizon Support site and I'm more optomistic but let's face it...WE WANT THIS NOW. So I guess I'll practice a little patience but continue to Troll VZW until we get the update!I do have a technical question. I generally do everything over my home WiFi. Do you think I should plug into the internet router directly for this update? I'd hate to run the update and have it puke becouse the WiFi timed out.
  • IIRC, Zune downloads the entire update and verifies it before attempting to update the phone.