Customers on Verizon who own the HTC Trophy (see review) are certainly wondering where big red stands on the Mango update. By all accounts, most carriers seem to be in line with the "in a few weeks" stance that Microsoft has given them and because of that, we expect Verizon to do the same. That and we've seen the finalized HTC ROM for the Verizon Trophy--meaning this is really just Verizon approving it.

Now, via Verizon's Twitter account, they have spoken on the issue. No specifics were given, but it seems as if they are still aiming for "soon" like everyone else:

"It [Mango] is coming soon. We do not have the exact date yet. Once available, you will receive notification on your phone."

Not a home run, but at least is something, right?

Thanks, Matthew W., for the tip!