Verizon trade-in program will offer basic phone users $100 to upgrade

Don't look now, but Verizon wants you to ditch your old "basic" cell phone and upgrade to a smartphone.  Between August 18 and September 30, customers who purchase new smartphones will be able to mail in their current phones to receive a $100 Verizon gift card three weeks later.  Current customers who are eligible for an upgrade can get the new devices at discounted prices, along with a new data plan and 2-year agreement, while those who are not may be able to extend their agreement for the deal.

After the purchase, users will receive a PIN for Verizon's trade-in site, which will walk them through sending in their old phone for the gift card. 

According to the source, information about the promotion pertained to Verizon's Western region.  It is not yet known whether or not other regions will be offering up the same deal.  Check out the leaked promo docs below.

Source: PhoneArena

Seth Brodeur