Here are the first 13 minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda, exploration gameplay, and more

Mass Effect Andromeda is an all-new story, following the tale of Ryder as he or she journeys to the Andromeda galaxy in an effort to expand humanity's reach across the universe. With a starship 'Hyperion' in tow, Ryder, and 20,000 human colonists travel across the universe, in a game that should elevate the Mass Effect formula in galactic ways.

Mass Effect Andromeda will take cues from Dragon Age Inquisition, offering huge open worlds upon which to quest, explore, and loot. Unlike Inquisition, however, Andromeda will attempt to sidestep the former's reliance on filler side quests, filling its world with Witcher 3-like meaningful content.

If you can't wait (less than two weeks!) to get your hands on Mass Effect Andromeda in early access, you can now view the first 13 minutes of the game online.

The video shows Ryder and his human crew woken from cryo-sleep, newly arrived in the Andromeda galaxy approaching what they think is a habitable, Earth-like planet. Unfortunately, they encounter some strange phenomena, which severely damages the Hyperion ship. This clip from very early on gives us more of an idea how Mass Effect's new Dragon Age-like dialogue system works, with Paragon and Renegade options replaced by remarks that reflect certain emotions instead.

If that's not enough for you, IGN also recently got their hands on Andromeda's first loyalty mission, following the Asari Peebee. Loyalty missions are unique quests that revolve around the game's squad mates, in order to learn more about their back story, and as the name suggests, earn their respect.

As a final bonus, EA also revealed the third part in their Mass Effect Andromeda explainer series, detailing how exploration will work in the expansive universe BioWare has created for the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda will feature over 100 locations, with a "handful" of suitable planets for landing and exploration. Each world will have its own story to solve, and each will provide resources to help build the Nexus space station, and eventually, lead to colonizing the galaxy.

Mass Effect Andromeda will go live on March 16th, 2017 for EA Access subscribers with an early access trial period. The licenses will unlock proper on March 21st, 2017, for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Jez Corden
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  • Almost.... Time... Man, I really hope that it feels like the first game did with exploration.
  • Same. Dat MAKO.
  • Is this play anywhere?
  • Nope. I highly doubt EA will ever support XPA.
  • And that's why I stopped buying EA games. In addition to the average quality of their games declining, they seem hell bent on user hostile moves in the name of short-term profits.
  • ...and that's been since the late 90's! Devouring small studios and making crap versions of their games.
  • The first was the best the second was good the third was alright. I lost interest of Mass effect after 3. So I'm over it. Though hope anyone that plays this will enjoy it.
  • I felt the same way... but I started watching the trailers and I'm sucked in again. Hoping Andromeda catches the best of all games.
  • I kind of agree, but seeing that big, stupid EA logo pop up for the first time in 2 left such a bad taste in my mouth that it took two playthroughs to get over it. I felt like it was just a cover shooter with choices. Maybe it was just the fact that I was used to it by then, but I did rather enjoy 3 (still a shooter with choices though). I did also feel not as excited about the franchise by the time 3 released.
  • I can't wait...Mass effect is the best game ever.🎮😍
  • I like ME series and i really don't know why someone hate EA so much. EA is the company of my childhood games like NFS and Medal of Honor. NFS was the first racer game worth to play and MoH was the first WWII game for me. Then many games came like Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Crysis and more. At the end even other developers needed EA for different reason, like Crytek. So what is the hatred for? What are the other companies doing so nice that EA don't? One day if it stops, we'll lose many good games.
  • Actually Mass Effect was first owned by Microsoft. It was made by Bioware and Microsoft published it. EA bought Bioware after the first game. So EA just inherited Mass Effect. Crysis has nothing to do with EA. Neither does Crytek. People hate EA because they say their sports titles milk people every year for little differences. But hey haters gonna hate.
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  • Not paying £59.99. Will wait till it hits EA Acess in 6 months.
  • Thunderbirds are go! On a serious note though I'm trying to avoid stuff like this at all costs. Early access can't come soon enough. I have a week off not long after as well ;)
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