Microsoft is busy deploying its many native Windows 10 apps for PC and Mobile to the Xbox One. The latest to arrive this week is the Microsoft Photos app that lets users pull in their pictures and movies from their OneDrive account.

The Photos app was launched on Wednesday night at the same time the Windows Insider Fast Ring version received the latest UI refresh. Microsoft tweaked the UI by ditching the hamburger menu and returning to horizontal navigation. They also improved the Albums layout and added a light theme to the app too, all of which are now on the Xbox One.

The app is perhaps not the prettiest on the Xbox One, but it is functional.

As you can see in my hands-on video, the app plays videos, lets you access OneDrive and more. Having the Photos app available should also let other UWP apps access them for hand-off features in the future.

Microsoft is just getting started with apps on Xbox, and there are some ways to go. The Store is not very complete for non-first-party apps; UI elements still need improving, and navigation is a bit challenging. However, every Store has to start somewhere, and it is impressive to see these apps on the living room TV.

To get the Photos app on the Xbox One or One S simply do a search in the Store or look under My Apps and Games and 'Ready to Install'.

Have you tried the Microsoft Photos app on the Xbox One? Let us know what you think of it in comments and how Microsoft can improve it in later releases.