VLC for Windows 8 is now available in the Windows Store

Not everyone are fans of the native Windows 8 Music and Video apps, but for those who are looking to find an alternative solution – you will not have to wait any longer. Back in November of 2012, VLC announced a Kickstarter campaign to launch the software on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. As of today, the application has passed certification and is now published in the Windows 8 Store for x86 and x64 based machines.

RT and Windows Phone versions will still have to wait, though they are planned.

The company’s official Twitter account, @VideoLAN, tweeted out today that “VLC for Windows 8 first beta is now ‘Ready for Release’ and just moments ago, the VLC app showed up in the Windows Store. We do remind users that it is a beta application and thus possibly not the most stable application on the block, but never less– we are excited for today's launch!

The user interface that is displayed in this current version of VLC is no surprise; back in January, we received official word on what was prolonging the development of VLC for Windows 8 along with a collection of various screenshots. Some menus have been changed slightly, but for the most part everything is consistent with what we had seen.

The application is split into several categories including “home”, “videos”, “music”, "external storage", and "media servers". The Home screen gives you quick access to the latest videos and music in your collection, while the other sections allow you to explore media content on your local PC and network devices.

The audio section has a beautiful visual breakdown of all of your artists along with a list view for convenience. If you have a large collection of music, you can choose to sort it by artists, tracks, or even just your favorite albums. The video section is simpler and displays a collection of your videos along with the last video to be played.

If you have any external multimedia, either stored on an external drive or network attached storage device, you can head over to each of the respective tabs to browse and playback from those sources.

For those of you who are picky with your audio and video, the VLC app for Windows 8 supports a collection of formats. The player will play all video and audio formats of VLC; these include, but are not limited to, MPEG-1, H.265, FLAC and MPC. The same codec types are also supported including WMV3 and VC-1.

Other supported features are noted below:

  • works on Windows 8.0 and 8.1: too many people are still on 8.0, so we had to use that. This decreases the stability of the application, though...
  • is compiled for Intel x86 CPUs: Windows RT version will follow as soon as we are able to compile it. ARM version will also apply to Windows Phone.
  • plays all video and audio formats of VLC, including MKV, Ogg and Mov files or FLAC and MPC;
  • supports the same codecs as the VLC application for desktop, from MPEG-1 to H.265, through WMV3 and VC-1;
  • supports multiple-audio tracks selection;
  • supports embedded subtitles;
  • supports Background Audio playback;
  • features a easy-to-navigate but complete UI, notably for audio browsing;
  • supports Live Tiles!
  • supports removable storage and DLNA servers.

It is unfortunate for us to note that that this version of VLC is only compatible with Windows 8 devices and not Windows RT machines. For those of you on an ARM processor running Windows RT, you will be waiting a bit longer.

To download VLC from the Windows Store, click here (opens in new tab).**VLC will not work on Surface RT, Surface 2 or the Lumia 2520

More information about the release can be found on the developer's blog.

Are you a fan of VLC - will you be downloading it today?

Michael Archambault
  • WP when?
  • Windows 8, then RT, then WP, then (maybe) Xbox One
  • Moli player is awesome and a clean app to have... I m happy with moli pro player...so vlc no vlc doesn't matter
  • Yeah Moli Player is a pretty sweet app! Looking forward to VLC as well though. More interest + more competition = better apps :-)
  • Moli player is terrible for music. Can't even view by albums
  • I like MediaMonkey for music, plays many formats and loads entire album, handles network shares pretty nicely, features which I needed dearly. However Bluetooth sucks in dvp8 when the tablet enters power saving I.e. Screen off while music playing.
  • Moliplayer crashes for me when I try to play a video directly off a media server. I have to load the video on the phone first. Anyone experience this?
  • Nope. Smooth as you like playing from a 1tb Zyxel 310 NAS. Doesn't resume playback though.
  • Why would they spend over 15 months developing an app for X64 and X86 when we already have the desktop app which works flawlessly. In as much as I welcome the Metro app for the X86,64 machines one would have thought that they would prioritize for the Arm machines especially Windows 8 Rt. I have been waiting anxiously for this App for my Surface 2 and my wife's Surface Rt but I'm I would have to wait for a long time, considering how long it took them to publish this app for X86/64.
  • Would have to agree, doesn't seem logical.
  • Same here, pointless to release this for non-RT or non-WP devices.
  • There are tablets with full Windows 8.1, too.
  • I'm aware, which is why I use VLC x86 on my Venue Pro....its been out for years you know.
  • Well, I also have a Venue 8 Pro, and while I could use the desktop, I do prefer the touch interface of a Store app for media applications when using the tablet. Much better than having to be extra precise when touching desktop controls. Will definitely install this when I get home tonight. Been waiting for it for a while. :-)
  • I have a Lenovo Flex 10, and if I'm in Metro, I have it folded and chillin. Awesome touch interface make it so much better!! In fact I was looking for something like this the other day. Thanks VLC! Grabbing it later.
  • Good point, so it's not completely useless :D but still...
  • Agreed
  • Agreed, we use the vlc desktop APPLICATION, why would I use the app?!?
  • Because it cleaner and it's sandboxed? Clean uninstall is what general user want doesn't it? In desktop realm, if we want to test app, we need to install it, and if we don't like it, we uninstall the app. Usually, if not done correctly, the uninstall process is leaving some traces either in file system or registry system, which will hog the system performances in the long run that will force users to reset their devices. One feature of store app's sandboxed mode is to prevent that isn't it?
  • Because the code is the same! They have a problem with the compiler
  • Praise Jesus!
  • Somebody call???
  • Now launch it for windows phone also for free... :p
  • Yes please!
  • WP pls
  • I love you
  • Love you too. :3
  • Oh. This is awkward. rjmt512 was talking to me. So awkward.
  • I like cacti
  • I like turtles
  • seems faster
  • No. Stop.
  • Ffs, this is getting old!
  • You need to learn what is the perfect timing for using this. A new app launch is definitely not when you use it. Its like walking into Apple store and asking for Big Mac. You need to ask for iMac, not Big Mac.
  • Difference between big mac and imac is
    You buy big mac , eat it and then it becomes sh*t
    Imac is sh*t to begin with
  • Best thing ever.
  • that's an internet winning comment right there
  • Hehe, well put!
  • Ha! Keep it up!
  • when i get my new computer in couple of days ill be downloading this VLC app
  • Finally, been waiting for the app. VLC ftw. ^^
    *Update*: Installed the app, but it's kinda hardcore. By trying to load the Music Library it'll take too much CPU (40-50%) a fucking high RAM Usage up to 2GB (Runtime Broker and Windows Search are getting high CPU and RAM usage too) and it'll slowing down the PC and because of that other running apps are crashing... And after a certain time, VLC itself will crashing. Hope that this gets fixed in next Versions...
  • FINALLY. I gave them my money and I have to wait this long? :c
  • Nobody was forcing you to give them money.
  • That's how Kickstarter works.
  • Alright alright alllllriiiight
  • Gigity!
  • YES!  Got my W8 app install/update problem fixed just in time.
  • Windows RT needs this more than Windows 8 :S, cant wait to get it.
  • Tru dat. I currently use the desktop version on, well, on my desktop.  But have a hole in my Surface that needs to be filled. (That didnt sound right)
  • if i get vlc and a torrent client that can download in the background, my exe apps will be covered.
  • Isn't there a torrent client that costs a couple dollars and has background ability? Torrent RT or something like that, I think.
  • HA! You realise you're asking him to pay for something, right?
  • If you use Bing rewards points like I do, then you can get free Store gift cards ;)
  • I wish I could. But I live in Europe, or in other words, where Microsoft is saying f-you to its Bing users.
  • But ... people worked on those things.   Sometimes, you have to pay for that work.  
  • Yes, just like you have to pay for Software. Just like you have you have to pay for music, TV shows, and movies. Fuck pirates.
  • I'd rather not, but you can if you really want. I meant the whole "f the pirates" thing. :P
  • Johnny Depp frowned
  • Took them long enough. And still no RT or WP version. What the hell do they do when they do work? Sit around playing DOTA?
  • They needed to pass the certification. Thats why it took so long. I heard RT will be coming soon.
  • RT is coming out "next release", so soon. WP version is coming after 8.1.
  • Its a good first step but if people were in dyer need of a VLC player they could've just installed the desktop version. Its the ARM and WP that needs this. Glad they are making progress though.
  • Well hopefully RT is soon, need an app that reliably can process subtitles and use the play to feature on my surface 2.
  • THIS^
  • I don't care about the subtitles when I'm watching alone but certainly agree on the play to part. Guess I'll end up getting that miracast dongle.
  • If its in a foreign language you do! What does watching alone have to do with anything? :S
  • I don't need subs when I watch my series and stuff. Other people around me can't watch without subtitles. We're not all English, Americans or whatever and English is not everyone's native language.
  • yeah please answer iaye's question, what on earth does watching alone have to do with anything?
  • BEAUTIFUL app. I've been anticipating this release for a long while and am relieved to finally see its release to the store.
  • I gave up waiting and purchased Cyberlink Power DVD as I needed a reliable BluRay player app for my HTPC. It works very well playing mkv and all other media I have thrown at it for my Surface RT so far. I am very happy. Still would like to see the WP and RT versions of VLC however.
  • I have Cyberlinks Power DVD 13 for my Vioa Duo 13 and Power DVD mobile on my Surface 2 but I can't get it to play the video files (vob files) I copied into my external hard drive. Any work around please?
  • cant acess my external storage  
  •  November 2012. Has it really been that long? Wow. Time flies.
  • "as soon ad we are able to compile it" ... Wut?
  • That's cause instead of growing up and using Visual Studio they decided to only use open-source tools. Hence, due to their irrational religious agenda, they can't compile an ARM version.  
  • Whats the point? Surely RT is more important as Windows 8 can already get VLC........
  • Apparently RT has given them more trouble than the other version.
  • Giggity.
  • Not working on my Dell Venue 8 Pro - opens, and immedietly crashes while loading libraries.
  • same on my acer iconia w510 :-(
  • Same on my Yoga 2 pro :-S
  • Crashes on my Surface Pro repeatedly. Even after reboots.
  • No crashes. But doesn't play video (plays audio track only, the screen is black).
    Acer Iconia W511, Windows 8.0
  • At first, I was like "f*ck my life" cause I bought mobile.hd player or whatever the name is and then I was like "f*ck you" cause I can't download this on my Surface. FFS..
  • Mobile HD Player has worked flawlessly for me, however would have expected more updates for a paid app. Bookmarking and ability to resume from sleep would be nice additions.
  • come on rt! My mkvs are waiting!
  • Nice job. I like how it even included brief biographical information of the artists. Obviously a work in progress, but I think this is a solid foundation. As long as it can play just about every video file type, particularly mkv and flv, I have no complaints (I do still have the legacy version installed just in case). Can't wait to see it on WP.
  • This is silly, Desktop windows already has a ton of capable video players, why not focus on Windows RT instead? What that hell have they been doing all this while 
  • Gotta start somewhere. Since the W8 and RT versions share their code, I imagine that the certification and availability of the x64/x86 versions are just a step on the way to releasing the RT and WP versions of the app.
  • It can't work on RT? Thats lame, users can already install VLC on non-RT windows 8 devices. This news means nothing.
  • It means a LOT to me, because I can't use Windows' play-to features with desktop apps.
  • Not really that lame. It's a stepping stone. It already works on x86, so they used that base to build a W8-store app. With W8/W8RT/WP8 sharing a codebase (in the "app" area), it shouldn't take them much longer to make the ARM version for W8RT which will then be the base for WP8. It's a fairly logical way to develop it, actually.
  • The problem is not the if it is logico or not.
    The fact is that the version of an app for Windows 8 and Windows RT are exactly the same app, when you write an app for W8 it runs also on RT without change a line of code.
    The problem with VLC is that they don't use VS2013 for compile VLC because the support for C99 (a version of C language) is not the best in VS2013 and because of that they can't compile the ARM version.
    For address this issue they have 2 options: modify their compiler for to compile for ARM or patch the code of VLC so they can use VS2013
  • The second option is usually the better way. In particular because C99 offers nothing in general, what would enhance your coding style. So the changes are usually rather trivial. I found it interesting that they even mentioned the second option, since a year ago or so, they announced that they would take the first option (e.g. modifiying the open source tool chain like MinGW to generate ARM code). Now apparently they were not particulary successful. I agree with you, having the x86 version first is not a logical step, since the same code also runs under Windows RT, given of course that your toolchain supports both architectures. With other words they stumbled over their own stupid agenda.
  • This is the best news we've received regarding the Windows platform in a long time, lol
  • app does not start on my PC (x64).
      (directly crashes at splash screen)
  • Same. Also x64.
  • As a couple have mentioned and I've seen elsewhere, it crashes right away when opening on my PC (x32). A bummer, I wanted to try it out.
  • Great news, I've been using VLC for many years now and I can say with full confidence that it is by far the most useful and versatile no nonsense media player for the PC. I will give the metro version a try tomorrow.
  • Crashes instantly. Core i7, 16GB RAM.
  • Is there any benefit to using this over the desktop app on x86?
  • No. I think they released it just to satisfy all the people who donated for WP and RT versions. Last time I contribute to them.
  • You contributed to a Windows 8 project, where RT and WP weren't even part of the initial project, and now you're complaining that they released the version they promised to release?
  • Play-to Xbox One
  • None.  It's not even finished yet.  No FLAC support.  Doesn't even see my music library...in the Music folder.   Deleted.
  • no flac? whaaaaaaaaat, are you 100% sure?
  • The desktop version does.  But I could not get the "VLC for Windows 8" version to even recognize my library of 10,000+ FLAC files in my Music directory.  Plus, the app loads stupidly slow on my machine (4770K @ 4.4GHz, 16GB RAM @ 2133MHz, SSDs, etc.).
  • Does this support DVD's? I've tried vlc desktop but it always crashes and Microsoft removed DVD support from windows media player for some stupid reason.
  • Fucking pointless waste of time. I've had VLC on W8 since launch. Its needed on RT not x86.
  • +1520
  • Agreed.
  • This is for what? Rt needs this not anything else
  • Mine crashes a few second after startup. And before that it doesn't even play files corectly - the audio channels are messed up (rear left playing the center track etc) This piece of failure is really making me consider paying for Mobile.HD, which plays mkv files on my Surface just fine.  
  • Nope...doesn't work. Crashes after a click of the mouse. Nothing plays. Cannot navigate, except for the list of donors. Worse than the WPC app.
  • Crashes on my surface pro 2 with win8.1.. As soon As the guy launches, the App crashes.....
  • Started it up, it began scanning my computer for audio files, <gave it a moment to catchup>, and no errors yet -- Playing all files fine.  PS: I am a kickstarter backer for this project.
    -  Running Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) with i5 CPU
  • Installing and can't wait to use it on my desktop if the interface is good. EDIT: Didn't pick up any of my videos (all located in my videos folder, well over 1,000 of them ranging from .mkv to .mp4 to .wmv). Located all of my music, but when I tried to play an .mp3 it closed and crashed me back to desktop. Looks like they've still got some work to do.
  • RT users complaining about x86 already having a desktop program, this is exactly why RT makes no sense. X86 allows Windows 8 to be ultimately flexible and you can run what you want. Plus is there any reason x86 users shouldn't enjoy Modern apps? And seeing as every laptop, desktop, AIO and Atom tablet can run this and they vastly outnumber RT devices (which are only made by 2, soon to be 1) OEM it makes perfect sense to release the x86 version first.
  • You're an idiot.
  • More than 2 companies make RT tablet. Microsoft, Nokia, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung. They all have RT devices
  • lenovo samsung asus have rt devices? where??
  • GO AWAY, RT is great, VLC devs are just slow
  • No subtitles for MKV's. Well, at least mine didn't work. Quality isn't that great either. :(
  • Well...thanks but this is useless. I don't need a W8 App on a machine that runs normal Windows. I can use the desktop version of VLC. Or just use Windows Media Player with a Codec pack. This app would be useful on RT devices. On WP. Not on W8. What a waste of resources from the guys producing VLC...
  • For once I do agree with you 150%. I can't imagine we waited this long for nothing, and even though they are promising a release of an Arm version soon, I can only imagine how soon their soon is. Maybe a bit earlier than the second coming of Jesus.
  • Lol. I laughed so hard at your comment.
  • I'm sure they want a version for each, and this was the one that was easiest to start with.  I want the RT version too, but I'm sure that's a bigger leap for these guys.  Patience...
  • A waste fo resources are the neurons in your head.
    This code can run on RT as is. The problem is the compiler.
    So if the first thing that they did was to solve the compiler issue, now they would be still writing the code.
  • They could have, of course, just adapted the code to be compilable with VS2012 instead of following their open source toolchain agenda. I bet they had quite a few issues with MinGW x86 toolchain to solve, since it is not prepared to build store apps out of the box. In summary the problems they have are completely self-made.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Also doesn't even see my music. Only picks up about a dozen videos. When clicking on external devices, it sees my BluRay drive and a HDD I have in a hot-swap bay, but cannot do anything with them.
  • The description page is ver misleading with it saying 
    VLC for Windows 8 is an experimental port of VLC media player for the WinRT platform
    This implies it works for WindowsRT yet it doen't. Shame on you VideoLAN
  • WinRT is not Windows RT. Simply put, WinRT is the "Metro"-side of Windows with all of its modern apps and touch-based UI. Windows RT however is a Windows-version build on ARM-base, which powers ARM-compiled apps only. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Well, if it were a C# program, it would be running the same assembly. The power of managed Code vs marginal performance gains through going "native".
  • WinRT x86 and ARM apps are completely source code compatible. You just press a button in VS and have both build versions. This issue of course is, that they decided to use an open source tool chain instead of VS.
  • Hells ya
  • It keeps crashing on my desktop,and when I relaunch it it takes awhile. Maybe I just have to be patient....i do have a lot of movies and music
  • It worked once, and never again as it keep crashing.
  • Desperately waiting for it (Surface RT). Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Anybody able to get the "media servers" option working?  I use Mezzmo DLNA server and I can see it in there, but when I click on it it dims like it was clicked but then does nothing.
  • keeps crashing. useless
  • I'm a fan of VLC. It is a reliable video and music player. I have it on my Dell Venue 8 Pro and on my Windows desktop.  What I expected was a utility for my RT and Surface 2 so I have to ask, when will we get this on RT?
  • this app crashed on me thrice , Uninstalled :( 
  • Totally downloading it - one more Modern-ized app means more time in TileLand.
  • Cool
  • App UI is not the best but at least it's released.
  • Unless this app provide under the hood functionality that is necessary but the geneeral layout of that app is really bad. As much as people critize the built-in music and video app, these two apps have a better layout. Thank you b but no thank you.
  • Thats cool! I'll wait for the WP version now.
    BTW, anyone knows any WP music player with Visualizations???
  • Does this support Devices > Play > Xbox One?
  • I really don't get this, why would they focus on Windows 8 first, Win8 machines can already run VLC quite easily.
  • You cannot focus on Windows 8 without focusing on Windows RT, because frankly there is no difference. To be precise here they were focusing on making a version for WinRT. Thats what they have done. Now the problems they have are compiler related. They have the code ready but it only compiles for x86 because the intended open source toolchain is not ready for ARM builds. Just keep in mind, that you dont have to change the code when building for Windows x86 and Windows ARM.
  • Crashes on my Toshiba Encore, right after opening.
  • Yay!
  • Only get audio...no video when playing a .mp4 video file
  • No aspect ratio functionality as yet, although good start for a beta app :)
  • The major reason we're all anticipating VLC is for the long-overdue MKV support.   I've been on the KickStarter list since early on, but now I'm anxiously awaiting a version for my Lumia 2520.
  • This has to be an early beta full of debug code. It doesn't even look finished when it is running.  I'll sit this one out for the next release and or when the RT version drops.  I still don't understand why Microsoft cannot build this functionality into its media player for RT.
  • People (mainly Linux fans that ironically support VLC) would complain that it's bloatware...