VLC for Windows RT UI mockups published

The VLC team has published two more mockups in a Kickstarter update post so those who are planning to back the project can see exactly which direction they're heading down. The project is to bring VLC to Windows RT and Windows Phone, which would prove to be a massive bonus for those on either platform who rely on the media player.

Currently the fundraiser is currently just over 73% of the total amount required, but the team is confident they can hit their target and get the apps ready for publication. Currently there's no official support for both Windows Phone and Windows RT, though the desktop app can be ran in Windows 8 as was the case in previous versions of the desktop operating system.

Looking at the images provided (the one above looks most realistic with the tablet used), we're liking the direction the team is heading and believe the UI (should it reflect the concept) will be warmly welcomed by consumers. We've reached out to the team for more details on the Windows Phone application that's in the works. We'll update accordingly.

Source: Kickstarter (VLC)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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