Vodafone now offering HTC HD2 for free

More often than not, the way it works overseas is you pay more for a phone up front, then save on the carrier plan. But Vodafone UK's now offering (a day ahead of when we expected) a deal that you simply can't refuse: A free HTC HD2 with a data plan of at least £35. That's 4.3 inches of screen, 1GHz of Snapdragon processing power, Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro and the possibility of an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7 (that's still not official though, so simmer down). For free. Don't bet on finding that kind of deal in the U.S. [Vodafone (opens in new tab) via coolsmartphone]

Phil Nickinson

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  • What's fre?
  • Wow, that is an amazing deal! I would go for it in a heartbeat if someone in the states was to offer it.
  • I honestly would not mind being locked in for 2 years if I could get a HD2 for FREE. Sometimes I hate being in the states where only shit like low to mid-range Samsung and LG phones go for free.
  • ...and Verizon had the nerve to charge $350 for the Touch Pro when it came out a year later than its GSM buddies. I really hope that the major U.S. carriers are learning to become cheaper to compete with Boost and Metro PCS.
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