Vudu updated on Xbox One S as universal app with 4K streaming

If you happen to use the Vudu app on your Xbox One, you're in for a treat. An update for the app is here, transitioning it to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and adding support for UHD 4K streaming. That makes Vudu one of the very few apps available now on Xbox One S that can handle streaming 4K content to your TV (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon also support it).

Along with 4K support, the Vudu app now features a streamlined experience on the Xbox One S as well, all of which you can check out in the screenshots above. Probably more importantly, if you've been a little unimpressed with the old Vudu app's performance as of late, this update should be a pleasant surprise.

Non-One S users can also get the updated app but won't have the 4K UHD streaming option, but will get the new UI and experience.

The updated Xbox One app follows up on the release of a brand-new Windows 10 app in September. Given both apps utilize the same code base, thanks to the Universal platform, it stands to reason that we may see more updates — and therefore a smoother experience — than the app's predecessor. For now, you can check out all that's new with the Vudu app by grabbing the update on your Xbox One or checking out the store listing on the Windows Store.

Thanks to Tony H. for the tip!

See Vudu at the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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