Vudu updated on Xbox One S as universal app with 4K streaming

If you happen to use the Vudu app on your Xbox One, you're in for a treat. An update for the app is here, transitioning it to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and adding support for UHD 4K streaming. That makes Vudu one of the very few apps available now on Xbox One S that can handle streaming 4K content to your TV (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon also support it).

Along with 4K support, the Vudu app now features a streamlined experience on the Xbox One S as well, all of which you can check out in the screenshots above. Probably more importantly, if you've been a little unimpressed with the old Vudu app's performance as of late, this update should be a pleasant surprise.

Non-One S users can also get the updated app but won't have the 4K UHD streaming option, but will get the new UI and experience.

The updated Xbox One app follows up on the release of a brand-new Windows 10 app in September. Given both apps utilize the same code base, thanks to the Universal platform, it stands to reason that we may see more updates — and therefore a smoother experience — than the app's predecessor. For now, you can check out all that's new with the Vudu app by grabbing the update on your Xbox One or checking out the store listing on the Windows Store.

Thanks to Tony H. for the tip!

See Vudu at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • So is this available on mobile
  • Mobile would be nice, hopefully in the works
  • Not on mobile but the change to universal gives me hope. 
  • It certainly allows them to deploy an app as quickly as possible should Windows phones ever pick up steam in the market somehow.
  • If I sign up to all this stream stuff, at some point the price would be more than satellite TV.
  • What's your point? If you sign up for every satellite and cable service the price would be huge as well. The idea is that you decide which fits best for you and sign up for that.
  • My point is that is not all there yet.
    News, sport etc.
    Normal TV might still be cheaper at this stage.
  • The promise of cordcutting isn't necessarily lower prices, it's also about flexibility and control.
  • Well yeah, "normal" TV is subscription free. Get an OTA antenna and you've got "normal" TV. It all depends on different use cases. I have everything I want/need with a single subscription, and I don't pay for the extra I don't use on cable. So your point is pretty much moot.
  • Sling TV provides a pretty good standard package of channels at $20 per month. Then you can add packages as you desire to fill out more content (movie package, sports package, etc). While the overall cost can eventually approximate cheap cable, you're getting more of the channels you want with less of the filler, high quality delivery, and the flexibility to watch it directly on a variety of devices via app rather than a cable/satellite box.
  • I think it should be pointed out that this article left out Hulu as providing 4K content as well. I can't remember when that officially started, but there is a section in Hulu that shows UHD 4K watermarked over the displayed title. Alot of them are James Bond movies :)
  • noted, thanks!
  • The only let down for me is that you still can't download movies to the hard drive like you can with W10, phone or tablet.
  • That's a curious omission.
  • I agree, even more improtant when you do not have great internet or not internet soon.
  • They "lost" the "Disc-to-Digital" option on their windows 10 app. I can't transfer my DVDs to digital.
  • That is only part of the x86 version.
  • I wish Netflix 4K worked constantly.
  • Question, what would be better downloadable VUDU/UV (Ultra Violet) or linked Microsoft Movies & TV? Right now if I buy a Disneymovieanywhere it shows up in my Microsoft Movies & TV.  If I had to select between the two I would like to have the VUDU/UV show up in my Microsoft Movies Library.
  • I would prefer that the Microsoft service linked to my UV account, however I've found VUDU often has cheaper prices/better sales so I might still buy through them. Really, I often find the best prices on physical blu rays that include UV licenses, or even if I have to pay the $2 when it didn't come with a UV license. Hopefully that will change soon since it defeats the initial reason I started collecting with UV in the first place (to declutter).
  • I still buy a lot of physical media. Whenever possible, I try to buy blurays that have digital copy (ultraviolet). I have vudu linked to my ultraviolet account so I get digital streaming versions of many of the videos that I buy. So if you are on mobile and still want the streaming option, you can download Flixster and watch your vudu/ultraviolet content there.
  • I'm being stalked online, but that doesn't make this any less great.
  • And it's crash-tastic it actually caused my Xbox one s to turn off not even reboot. But turn off.