Wacom's Bamboo Smart stylus brings digital inking to select Windows 2-in-1 devices

Wacom, a company widely known for its styli and digital drawing tablets, has unveiled a new Bamboo Smart stylus compatible with select Windows 2-in-1 devices. What makes the Bamboo Smart unique is that there's no need to pair the stylus with compatible devices due to its use of Active Electro-Static (AES) technology. At the moment, these are the Windows 2-in-1 devices that are compatible with the Bamboo Smart:

  • Dell Venue 10, 5000 Series (5050)
  • Dell Venue Pro 10 5000 Series (5055)
  • HP Elite x2 1021 (New)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga™
  • Toshiba dynaPad N72 (New)

The Bamboo Smart is made of premium materials, and Wacom says that the tech powering the new stylus makes for a seamless inking experience whether you're taking notes or sketching. The Bamboo Smart for Windows 2-in-1 devices is powered by a AAAA battery, and battery life is rated at roughly a year when used for three hours per day. There's also a duo of programmable side switches on board to give you access to commonly used commands, such as right click or double click.

Wacom says that the Bamboo Smart will be available starting in February. Be sure to keep it locked to Windows Central for the latest from CES 2016 as the show goes on.

Source: Wacom

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  • I think it's not compatible with surface?
  • Surface nowadays is Ntrig not Wacom, but it would be nice to see some older units get some love. The Asus VivoTab Note8 has a Wacom digitizer, but the included stylus is thin. The stylus from my older HP TabletPC works with it (nice heft and the eraser works too). Glad to see Dell left behind that horrible Synaptics solution they used in the first Venue Pro devices.
  • i think he is refering to pro 1 and pro 2 which used wacom pen.
  • Wacom has two types of digitizers, the active (battery) and non active. There is a nice Bamboo stylus that works with the VivoTab far better than the included one. I am curious about what this pen means for future tablets.
  • Which bamboo one works with the Asus?
  • Oh god, those Synaptics pens on the Venue 8 Pro were bordering on unusable. Handwriting was atrocious, the AAAA battery would drain in a matter of days if not removed, and all around it was useless for anything except acting as a pointing device.
  • I wonder what are the prerequisites those devices have to be compatible with this Wacon pen. Would love to be able to use it with my Lenovo Thinkpad 8. Which is pretty much the perfect 8in tablet with Windows (now 10) except for the lack of pen :-(
  • I'd like to know also.. I want HP's newly announced Pavlion x2 detachable laptop, but I want pen support..
  • From whay do I know, it depends on type of screen installed, whether it is capacitative or digitizing. There's even different technologies from different manufacturers. This pen is pressure-sensitive. I think yours is not. You may consider other Wacom capacitative styli.
  • I wanted a Lenovo Thinkpad 8 :( it's just the perfect 8" tablet, it has flash for the rear camera and has some solid specs when it came out. It's a shame they didn't bring it to Mexico.
  • I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro. Would it be compatible with this stylus?
  • No, they used a synaptic tech in that gen. The tech has an active stylus you can get, but IMO it was not very good no matter how many patches or versions of it they released.
  • I have the Dell stylus. It's ok
  • What I'd like to know is what an AAAA battery is...
  • It's smaller than AAA battery. 42.5mm long 8.35mm thick (AAA = 44.5 x 10.5) Also called Energizer E96 (from Wikipedia) A pain to find. Have to look from online seller to get a replacement for my Intuos Creative stylus.
  • Actually becoming easier. I found them at our local Meijer (an upper Midwest super WalMart rival) in the electronics department.
  • Smaller than an AAA. It's a bit hard to find, I had to go to a dedicated hardware store just to find it. Regular stores and convenience stores don't have it. It's what my Vaio Duo 11 n-trig sylus uses also.
  • Lol I thought the same thing. Had no clue they existed!
  • A shame that the stylus wouldn't be working with all touch screen devices. That would let those cheaper tablet to have pressure sensitivity. Currently the Windows tablet that support stylus are still prohibitively expensive, and local distributors here don't have the guts to keep stock of it. The bluetooth stylus for iPhone works as pair, the touch screen informing position and stylus for the pressure. Should have let this one works like that in the OS level, even with the tradeoff of lower accuracy.
  • The T100 please
  • X360 spectre?
  • I hope that inking support will grow in Windows devices. Just check for ink shortcuts in my apps to see that the ink can be turned into the most efficient method of input.
  • Hah, Wacom digitizers now requiring a battery like N-Trig...wonder how many levels of pressure sensitivity it has and if it'll work with my Surface Pro 2...
  • Well, the old Intuos Creative for iOS that uses battery have... 1024. The second version have 2048. It depend on how big the picture you are working on.
    forum. wacom.eu / viewtopic.php?t=4859 It's probably not compatible with Surface Pro though.