Something major is happening to Windows Phone

Details are scarce right now, but we've heard on good authority that there will be a major change to the Windows Phone world. On Chris Pirrillo's LockerGnome live stream, @Barnacules revealed that there will be a big breakthrough for Windows Phone that "will upset the world" without giving any additional details.

"You want to hear a cool teaser though," Barnacules teased. "Just wait for it...something is going to happen in the Windows Phone space that will upset the entire world across everything."

And he left it at that. Want to hear the full remarks? Just cue up the embedded video below.

What are you wanting, expecting, or excited most to see happen in Windows Phone? Microsoft is already headed towards a unified kernel to help developers write seamless universal apps for Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox. Is Barnacules hinting that Windows RT will go away and get replaced by Windows Phone for consumer phones and tablets, leaving Windows 8 to prosumers? Will we be seeing McLaren's 3D touch interface headed this way?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think, want, or expect with this revolutionary breakthrough for Windows Phone! Viva la revolucion!