The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season is now available for Xbox One

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, the game that is, is now available for Xbox One owners for $24.99 in the Xbox Games Store (opens in new tab) and $29.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab). The game includes all 5 episodes from the first season as well as the DLC "400 Days." The Walking Dead: Season One won hundreds of awards including Game of the Year from many gaming publications.

The Walking Dead: The Complete First season is an episodic interactive game that took the world by storm. You play as Lee, who finds a little girl named Clementine and promises to keep her safe and help her look for her parents. Unlike most interactive games, you aren't forced to solve puzzles and the likes. Instead narrative and character development are the forefront of the game which makes it a completely unique experience.

Once you start the game, you will not be able to put it down. TWD:S1 shines because it makes you emotionally invest yourself in its characters and story. So if you haven't played it yet this one is a no-brainer. Also side note: The Walking Dead: Season Two will be here next week!

  • The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season – Xbox One – 4.65 GB – $24.99 – Amazon (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)
Jonathan Dollison
  • When is it coming to windows phone. Android and ios have it.
  • Coming Soon™
  • Probably never...
  • No shit. I love being the equivalent of the country Chad for mobile OS significance.
  • Ha! Now excuse me while I have a good cry.
  • How much GamerScore does it have, 1000?
  • Yes, all games on Xbox One are worth 1000G.
  • I'm re-getting it
  • I would but I'm already devoted to getting season 2 and the wolf among us which I haven't gotten to play either yet Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I would get it if the did a deal for the people who got it for 360
  • Wolf among us is pretty good at least the first episode which I got for free.
  • Wolf is better than TWD.
  • Prepare to cry.
  • No Mr. Bond, prepare to die
  • Should have been cheaper, especially for those who own it on last Gen..
  • Agree
  • Get it for £11 by buying it from the Hong Kong marketplace instead. Kind of like an upgrade price and within the rules of Xbox one use
  • Didn't know about this.. Is it for this game only or what? How much would Shadow of Mordor cost me if I got it through Hong Kong? I don't have my X1 with me to check..
  • I'm not on it but I never thought to check that as I want it too. £11 is for the same digital series one as sold on UK marketplace. Once you buy though switch back to UK as downloading on HK server takes years
  • The HK prices do seem to be really low. Anyway, the reason for the highish price is because they're releasing these at retail too.
  • I always download through the US marketplace as paying in $ gives me a significant discount compared to Swedish crowns or pounds. I will check Hong Kong to see if it's even better..
  • A good game :) it would be cool if it was available on windows phone.
  • I agree ! Totally !
  • Already have it on 360 so I'm expecting it to be free on the One. Is the graphics better on Xbox One or just the same?
  • I was expecting this as well....
  • I don't see how it could have better graphics.. They chose a certain theme, changing from it wouldn't make sense. This is just plain out money milking, release the game again on full price and have everyone buy it all over. Instead of doing what Minecraft did.. $20 for it and $5 for whoever had the game on 360..
  • There's always room for graphical improvements. These should run at 1080p on Xbox One, for instance.
  • I would have to pay again? No way.
  • They should give it for free on xbox live gold. That would make a real statement if they did n
  • What about season 2? Also this should be cheaper..
  • Not released until 2014-10-31 in Norway, and probably other european markets as well.
    Why this is, is beyond me... I also love the fact that it is impossible to see "All games" in the store on the X1. Only "Trending", "New" and "Recommended for you" + "Popular Demos" and "Add-ons".. I want to see the full catalogue, dammit! I can see the full catalogue on, and oh-boy where there a lot of titles that I had not seen on the box's store.. headshakepalms  
  • I noticed that too. I thought it was due to not having many games available, but one year after the Xbox One's release, you'd expect there to be several games. Hopefully they change that soon.
  • "Why this is, is beyond me..." - Hallow'een?
  • I see your point and somewhat agree, but why is it available today in the US? Is it not celebrated Oct. 31st in the USA as well? (Friday or saturday closest to Oct.31st.)
  • They want to be able to sell it for most of the month. Episode 2 comes out next week, so they will spaced out a little.
  • Gary Whitta FTW!!!
  • Yayyy
  • Great game series; really enjoyed it. Highly recommended!
  • Phones :
    Twd for phones ?? Fuck that xD guys get it for PC ! The game of the year edition cost about 20bugs ! And EVERY PC or laptop or whatever is able to run that game !
    Xbox : I got it on 360 and the controller gameplay is awesome ;) its a must buy if haven't played it yet:)
  • The best game I've played last year on my Xbox 360. Not sure I'm gonna get the 1st season again but will definitely get the 2nd season next week. If you love Horror, good Drama and great Storytelling then get this game.
  • Same shit for more. It should be $5 if already purchased on previous gen
  • finaly