Want to be productive like a boss? Get the latest Windows Central t-shirt in India!

As you await the launch of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in India, be sure to check out the latest Windows Central t-shirt, which encapsulates our favorite quote at Microsoft's Windows 10 devices event:

"I Can Be Productive Like a Boss Wherever I Am Now!"

While the event was one of the best we've seen from Microsoft, Bryan Roper's segment, where he demoed Continuum, was particularly enjoyable.

You too can be productive like a boss with the tee, which is available from MakeMyMerch for ₹499. That includes shipping, so ahead and grab the t-shirt from the link below, and let us know how what feature you're looking forward to the most from the upcoming Lumias in the comments.

Looking to buy the t-shirt from outside India? Get it here.

Buy the Windows Central "Like a boss" t-shirt now! (₹499){.cta .shop}

Missed the event? Check out the highlights below:

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • No love for middle east :(
  • Yeah we need some providing :(
  • Lets be patient
  • Rather than bringing these stupid t shirts to India..hopefully they will get the surface pro 4 and surface book to our country..
  • That's a bit out of our reach. We don't decide where Microsoft sells things.
  • Pfff middle east...they should deliver their products to Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. I hate this US,UK only strategy.
  • The main campaign ships to a lot of places around the world. Try that. We're able to do this because we have staff in India to assist.
  • Yeah, but $17 shipping man... I can buy a shirt for that price
  • But you can't buy this *special* shirt!
  • I really think that only ppl who doesn't have connections or don't know how to.. Buy it.. I have a friend that works with things like this.. I just asked him to make one to me ... Do the same.. Are you going to tell there's no place that makes it near?
  • We need "I'm Pumped" t-shirt.
  • I'd be pumped for that
  • That has such a different connotation in the UK. You won't get anyone here running round saying they're pumped
  • What does it mean there?
  • It means nothing... but it'll sound weird and people will probably think you were pulling your plum, Or on the off chance think you were at the gym... But rather than excited it'll say more to the state of your muscles (Tired)... No one in the UK would say "man i'm excited/energetic" in the same situation an American would say "man i'm pumped"
  • So what do you say when you're excited about something then? Or are you saying you don't get excited about the same things?
  • I got the trex t shirt. Am gonna pass on this one. We need a t shirt with windows logo in binary, it would be cool ;)
  • Yeah me too... My T-Rex tee is pretty cool and so rare, people actually stare back... Lol #UpgradeYouWorld ....
  • That' cause T-Rex was one of the coolest bands ever, but since the lead died in the 70s there's not many T-Rex shirts about these days.
  • Microsoft already did those ;-)
  • Woohoo!
  • Will order this. But plz don't write anything on the back.
  • U'll see
    In the Back View..
  • I just love that line "I Can Be Productive Like A Boss"
  • Same here.. (:
  • There's a certain irony there though as we all know bosses are the least productive people...
  • its more like being the boss of productivity.
  • Bosses of productivity are the worst. What a made up job title...
  • It's just a phrase... rarely associated with actual bosses http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/like-a-boss
  • How about releasing another that says 'Sod the boss, I can be productive like a worker'?
  • Why is there such focus for India? Why not special deals for the UK, Australia, or Canada? I'd much rather buy the shirt for AU$10 (+ Delivery) from the Indian store, instead of from the US where it's AU$28.24 + AU$ 17.32 S/H = $45 for a shirt, which is a bit much I think
  • Windowscentral has second-largest readership from India (USA is first) and they also have two Indian writers: Abhishek and Harish, so it is possible for them to do Indian T-shirt initiatives.
  • Where did you get that info from?
  • http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/windowscentral.com
  • You are correct Etios. Also it was mentioned in WC's article itself.
  • Yeah, I'm not saying "let's not do it for India" but why only India and not have it for other countries too? $17 shipping to Australia is brutal!
  • Well, I covered that point in my last comment, they have staff in India who can organise local T-shirt sale but i don't think there is any staff/writer in Australia so they are not able to do it.
  • Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid?
  • It's for certain types of people.
  • Ya I know, to each they're own, I guess. While I'm at it I think the ninja cat and gorilla stuff that everyone around here seems to love is dumb too.
  • Well let those people that wear and love those things be *Special*.
  • Im not saying people that do are dumb, just not my cup of tea is all.
  • You mean *special* types of people?
  • I corrected that.
  • No mate, I think this is ridiculous too. Unless you're a MS employee, you've got no reason to be wearing that. Also, wearing such t shirts is basically inviting people around you to mock your fanboyism.
  • Or.....just see it's fun......lighten up a bit and get on with your life......wear it or not.......its Microsoft......it's about choices, not judgement lol
  • Lol! :D :D
  • It is so cringe worthy. Can't tell if Windows Central is joking or actually like this phrase. Who even let that guy on stage? Lol
  • Agree mate, I found this silly, pointless and childish. But i have a friend who finds this hilarious and awesome, I think he already has the cat riding t-rex t-shirt.
  • No Absolutely this is not at all a stupidity..
    As a company they ( MSFT ) are just promoting their product through this..
    See the comments...
    so many people Likes it..
    ( But they may not be MSFT employees but they are MSFT fans from long time.. )
    Likes & Dis likes depends on each & everyone's perspectives..
  • Yeah its stupid. It means nothing outside of a handful of people, like buying a t shirt with your Class of... on it. It doesn't promote MS or their brand and it looks like something off South Park. It just makes money for Windows Central so pay away. Harmless enough but enough will buy it to keep Dan and Mark's man cave in beer.
  • You under estimate how much beer they can drink lol
  • I am there with you! I find it idiotic too :)
  • I'd like it more if it didn't have the #windows10devices on the back :| If it wasn't there I'd totally buy it!
  • Lol
  • With mashmallow already rolling out and Microsoft confirming, that this feature won't support existing windows phones, all we can only do is cry shouting quotes like this :P while Microsoft takes an other year to fix bugs and releasing W10M along with iOS10
  • I should just finally move to Android already.
  • Yup! Who wants 950XL with a half baked OS at such a huge price and no apps
  • But I liked that T-shirt more bcoz of
    #windows10devices line in the back view..
    I think it depends on each & everyone's point of view / likes-&- dislikes
  • I am with you.
  • Yeah... others might like it but personally I don't :/ Just not my style :)
  • Nobody would know what exactly it is
  • Make sure u carry the MS event video in your phone to explain it to people who ask about it :P
  • Ha ha ha ..
    True we shld carry that Nyc events video..
    But in the Back side of that T - Shirt they have printed
    So I think people will get to knw through that...
  • or include a QR code on the shirt that links directly to that piece of the video...
  • Ha ha ha ..
    Nice idea that's Awesome..
    But I'm scared that .,
    Too many Girls may come Behind me Just to Read that QR code & not actually to Love/follow me..
  • Hey, it's an opener. After that, it's all up to your personality. #YouAreWelcome #FromAChick
  • I'm gonna be productive like a boss....on my 2 year old phone.
  • simple desian
  • Getting one right away!
  • Oh No..
    I'm the 1st Person to Order it..
    T - Shirt Looks Damn.. Good..( Steel Grey Colour )
    But Delivery period is Bit Late..
    Should wait until November 1st to get this..
  • Hahahaha! Anyone making a meme of him yet?
  • Bryan was cool but Panos was brilliant. Imo that was absolutely the best MSFT presentation ever held.
  • Absolutely. I loved the entire presentation
  • Am I the only one that finds that slogan incredibly offensive? It implies to me that somehow bosses are more productive than everyone else, which is total BS. Every time I see that I feel like whoever wrote it or posts it, is an arrogant POS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's a phrase, you must be fun at parties... /s :P.
  • There are many productive bosses, think small business owners.
  • How the hell have you never heard the phrase "like a boss" before?! You're reading too much into it, it translates as "Be productive with authority" or "Be productive heroically" http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/like-a-boss
  • I've heard it plenty and it all annoys the crap out of me (no really, I was just thinking about it and I s#!t my pants). If you're good at what you do then your an asset if you suck, you suck. Doing anything like a boss implies bosses are something you should try to be like simply because they're bosses. I don't put bosses on a pedestal and it's dangerous to think of them that way. Way to many people think of bosses and CEO's as some god like enlightened super people. Many of them are very smart and all of them got lucky at more than one point in their life. Too many don't realize they got lucky and believe they're superior. Worst of all are the followers that buy into that idea. I don't care if that's the cool new phrase, the idea behind it is BS. Anyway, I could care less what you're the boss of, just show me how you contribute. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think the problem here is twofold: firstly, you are reading waaaaaaaay too much into an amusing phrase, as what it implies to you and to everyone else is world's apart. Secondly, you seem to have a big chip on your shoulder about bosses in general which is probably the reason you're unable to enjoy an innocent phrase without reading so much into it. When I think of "bosses", I think of entrepreneurs rather than CEO's and managers who have climbed the ranks as employees. Sure there is a degree of luck, but a lot of them make their own luck by working hard and taking risks where others don't. I saw an interview with this guy that did plumbing, and in a few years he went from a one-man band (himself) to a multi-million dollar company with a team of guys. The interviewer asked "how did you get so lucky?" and he said "I make my own luck 12 hours a day, 7 days a week". Why didn't all the other plumbing businesses in the area become rich too? Was it luck, or did he just work harder, provide better service etc? I'm sure the other businesses will gripe about how "lucky" he is, without lifting a finger to do anything differently. I don't think you can say "all of them got lucky" because luck comes to those working their arses off and taking risks - and not to those who take a nice safe job, slack off in their work, and at the end of their careers complain bitterly about all those "lucky" people who have so much more than them.
  • ..,so GO ahead and grab the t-shirt from the link below
  • I like the t-shirt but I hate the words like "productivity" and "boss"! Especially "boss" because I don't like working for anyone! This word makes me so angry.
  • Start your own business, like a boss.
  • If you don't work for anyone that would make you the boss then...
  • When in Holland ;-)
  • I purchased T.rex.. They are painted and are not as good as we see in photos??
  • Can we have the design print in full HD for phone wallpaper? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nothing for u Droiders.. LOL
  • Get It From the link's below.. . https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdmexka41tfe2b4/Screenshot2017.3... . https://www.dropbox.com/home/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2015-10-09+1... . https://www.dropbox.com/home/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2015-10-09+1... . https://www.dropbox.com/home/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2015-10-09+1... . https://www.dropbox.com/home/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2015-10-09+1... . https://www.dropbox.com/home/Screenshots?preview=Screenshot+2015-10-09+1...
  • Only the first image works... the rest try to point to our own local folder
  • There goes your One plus one. :P
  • #UpgradeYourWorld looks pretty cool on REX tee although, #Windows10Devices is not what you want on your back !!
    Sorry, not buying this one !!
  • Now in India.
  • I'm cringing on behalf of anyone who would wear this.
  • This comment coming from someone with Mr Happy as their avatar really speaks volumes. Maybe we should make a version of this t-shirt with Mr Cheerful or Mr Clever, both of whom somewhat resemble Mr ProductiveLikeABoss (reference, for those who didn't grow up with these books: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4i-k9m5bq6k/TY9YwSTOoDI/AAAAAAAAADA/x17h0m7V8O4/s1600/mr_men_grid.jpg).
  • Make a hub in Kolkata
  • Lol! Funny shirt!
  • where order?
  • @Harish & WC team - please proof read the articles before publishing. Some obvious typos in this piece. Cheers.
  • Why would I want a shirt with some bearded drunk looking guy on it? Doesn't scream boss to me
  • I can drink beer and grow a beard.... Like a boss. See, you can put like a boss after anything.
  • I want one of those.
  • You can buy t-shirts.... like a boss!
  • Getting people to pay to advertise for you.... Like a boss. Lol
  • Can we have a T-shirt with just Cortana logo? The one that Joe wears? It's simple, clean and sexy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes exactly !
  • Any time someone buys and sets up a Lumia 950 he should post, "I can be productive like a boss wherever I am now".
  • I really think that only ppl who doesn't have connections or don't know how to.. Buy it.. I have a friend that works with things like this.. I just asked him to make one to me ...
  • Aww, man! This needs to go global.
  • I want the Cortana t-shirt similar to what Joe Belfiore was wearing.