Want to win a Surface Laptop? Here's how to increase your chances.

If you already entered, fantastic. If not, what's the delay? This is a free Surface Laptop we're talking about here. (Seriously, what's wrong with you?) But even if you have already entered, you can quickly and easily up the odds of becoming the big winner.

Check out the original contest post for all the details, but one of the requirements for entry is posting in our Surface Laptop forums. From that original post:

Each individual post you make counts as an entry, but make sure they are meaningful posts that add to the conversation! Spam comments won't count, and not following forum guidelines could earn you a time-out from posting.

One of our awesome forum member, raijovj, created a dedicated thread designed to help you increase your chances of winning.

Who wants a free Surface Laptop from Windows Central!!!!!:wink::wink: That's a ridiculous question, right? Who doesn't!!!:smile::devil: Rule No.3 Participate in our Surface Laptop forums. (Each individual post you make counts as an entry!):excited: So I made a new thread to post "GIVEAWAY talks"...:angel:


What are you waiting for? Hit that thread, chime in, and keep those fingers crossed. We're pulling for you. Good luck!

In the forums: Surface GIVEAWAY contestants gather here

Al Sacco

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