Will you buy the Surface Laptop?

At Windows Central, we love new PCs. A lot. Like, genuine LUV. What do we love even more than new PCs? New Surface PCs.

We've been covering the latest Surface device, the Surface Laptop that was announced this week, from every possible angle. Overall, we're impressed, though there are a few things about it that kind of leave us scratching our heads.

Now we want to know what you all, the Windows Central community, think of the new notebook. And more importantly, are you going to buy one? I just started a thread in our forum asking this very question.

Hey everybody. By now, you probably know all about the Surface Laptop. You know about those tech specs. You know about the four color options — though you may not be able to actually get the device in those different colors. And you know the pricing and availability details. (June 15 is the big day, at least if you live in the U.S.) So, the big question: Are you actually going to buy one?...

Al Sacco

If you're all-in on the Surface Laptop, let us know why. We're also curious about the model and color you're going with. And what do you think of that Alcantara-covered base? (The jury is still out on that one within the Windows Central staff, but personally, I wish there was an option without it.)

If the Surface Laptop simply isn't for you, or you're still on the fence, let us know why. Some thoughtful feedback and discourse could help others make informed purchase decisions.

In the forums: Sooooo, are you going to buy the Surface Laptop or what?

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Al Sacco

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