Watch 40 minutes of Darksiders III gameplay

Darksiders III was announced many months ago, and since then we haven't heard much about the title. All we knew was that it would focus on a new protagonist and continue the story of the existing games. You assume the role of "Fury" in her quest to hunt down and dispose of the "Seven Deadly Sins". She has to succeed where many have failed when it comes to bringing balance to the forces that ravage Earth.

Publisher THQ Nordic said that the gameplay would require more tactical thinking this time around, but didn't showcase much footage until now. Gamescom 2018 provided gamers with an in-depth look at the combat, how it's a little slower than before, and how Fury unleashes her various skills to dispatch foes and solve puzzles. Gematsu managed to record nearly 40 minutes of gameplay from either an Xbox One X or PC.

Hopefully Darksiders III will be a polished experience when it releases this holiday season. Judging from the gameplay, it seems like it's pretty stable. Darksiders II suffered from severe performance issues on Xbox One and Xbox 360, so we're cautiously optimistic.

Darksiders III should launch on November 27, 2018. You can preorder the game right now at various retailers like Amazon or the Microsoft Store. There are a few preorder versions, but the Darksiders III: Deluxe Edition and Darksiders III: Blades & Whip Edition give players early access to the game.

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Asher Madan

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