Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode is now available for Xbox Series X|S, consoles, and Stadia

Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode Release
Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode Release (Image credit: Ubisoft | Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Watch Dogs: Legion is an open-world adventure game from Ubisoft set in a dystopian London.
  • The game launched with a generally excellent single-player campaign, but delayed its Online Mode.
  • Now, Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode is officially launching for Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia.
  • PC players will have to wait even longer for Online Mode due to a game-breaking bug.

Watch Dogs: Legion is a solid evolution of the classic open-world Ubisoft formula, and features a pretty great single-player campaign that players have been enjoying for months now. However, the game also advertised a post-launch Online Mode, which would let players tackle different missions and objectives with other players worldwide. The Online Mode was delayed to focus on bug fixing, but players can now hop into Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode.

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The Online Mode is releasing today for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Stadia. PC players will, unfortunately, have to wait a little longer for the Online Mode, as Ubisoft delayed the Online Mode on PC indefinitely due to a game-breaking bug with certain GPUs. The first Tactical Op for Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode isn't launching until March 23, and PS4 / 5 players will have limited in-game text chat at launch.

According to Xbox Wire, Watch Dogs: Legion is also launching two new DLC missions for Season Pass holders, "Guardian Protocol" and "Not In Our Name."

Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode will hopefully feature a good combination of Watch Dogs: Legion's unique and exciting gameplay and online social features. The Online Mode has four-player co-op missions, PvP Spider Bot competitions, and eventually large-scale co-op missions called Tactical Ops. Download the update starting today and hop in to experience the Online Mode.

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