Watch Dogs: Legion guide — All the minigames and how to play them

Watch Dogs Legion Drunk Fighters
Watch Dogs Legion Drunk Fighters (Image credit: Windows Central)

Watch Dogs: Legion has a variety of activities throughout London. Between recruiting people for your team, fighting Albion and Clan Kelly, picking fights with guards, and freeing bouroughs, there is a lot to do.

Beneath all of that are the mini games scattered throughout London that can help break up your day. These are a part of the side activites section in the game, but not all side activites are mini-games. Whether you're just starting out or have already rid London of Albion and other nasties, it's great to change things up with a game or two.

What mini games are in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs Legion Bare Knuckle Fight

Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden (Image credit: Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden)

There are currently only three minigames to choose from: playing darts in the bar, kick up with some football, and bare knuckle fights. These fall under the same category as other side activites in Watch Dogs: legion, which includes pasting up giant Dedsec wallpapers on the side of buildings and "Getting Pissed," or, to put it plainly, having a few too many drinks at a bar. There is also the parcel fox delivery activity, where you deliver a package from point A to point B for some quick cash.

While these side activities are a way to break up your day, they lead to different rewards than these mini games. Plus, the mini games are just fun and frivolous, rather than related to the events in the game. Here's how to play them.


Watch Dogs Legion Darts Mini Game

Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden (Image credit: Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden)

Darts is a game that a lot of people might be familiar with already. If you're not, there's a useful tutorial that gives you a quick rundown of the rules and what you need to do. Time your shot when the circle is at its smallest point, and throw. There will be sections on the board that light up indicating where to aim for to gain the most points for the quickest victory. Head to any drinking establishment in London to give darts a go.

There isn't a whole lot to gain rewards-wise from playing darts other than the currency in Watch Dogs: Legion called ETO. However, you can gain extra ETO by having a couple beers in the bar first and then playing darts. You can also play solo or versus another character.

Kick Up (Football)

Watch Dogs Legion Kick Up

Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden (Image credit: Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden)

Kick up is a fun and challenging mini game in Watch Dogs: Legion, and is a great way to distract yourself from beating up Albion guards for a little bit. Keep an eye out on the map for the football (or soccer for you Americans out there) icon all over London. There are quite a few cool places to play keep up.

The objective of this mini-game is simple: Time your kicks to keep the ball up in the air for as long as possible. The game will give you buttons to push on your controller or keyboard, and you need to hit them at just the right time to keep the ball up.

Out of all the mini-games, this one requires the most attention and can get a little frustrating the more you play. There are some fantastic football-related cosmetic clothing items to obtain though from completeing objectives. You can even snag yourself a pair of golden cleats. It will take some time to obtain all the rewards from this mini-game, so make sure to visit from time to time throughout your adventures in London.

Bare Knuckle Fights

Watch Dogs Legion Mini Game Bare Knuckle Fight Reward

Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden (Image credit: Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden)

Bare knuckle fights, the underground scene of black market bets and dirty fighting, is a mini-game where you test your skills in the arena with fist-to-fist combat. Each arena has four waves of fights, with the first three being amateur fighters and the final being the arena champion. The fights are not overly difficult if you dodge and counter attack often. There is a way to gain extra ETO during these fights if you complete side objectives that pop up at the start of certain fights, such as counter attacking three times in a row in 30 seconds. It's a great way to earn a little extra cash.

At the end of each arena, you get to choose any of the fighters you fought to attempt to recruit for the team. This is a great way to recruit some mean brawlers that can wreck havoc on enemies. Bonus for completing all five arenas is your very own pair of golden gloves. The "Bare Knuckle League" mission will help you track all the locations for these bare knuckle fights. Look out for those objective markers, or just the fist icon on the map.

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