Watch Henry Cavill flex in this sultry supercut of his gaming PC build

Henry Cavill Builds a PC
Henry Cavill Builds a PC (Image credit: Henry Cavill)

What you need to know

  • Henry Cavill treated fans to a supercut of him building a gaming PC today.
  • The video is set to the tunes of Barry White (of course).
  • Predictably, the internet is very thirsty for the Witcher's nerdy side.

Henry Cavill. Barry White. Gaming PCs. These are three things I don't think anyone ever expected to come together, yet here we are.

Henry Cavill flexed his nerd cred on Instagram today, posting a video of him building his new gaming rig. It's not as boring as it sounds, though. The supercut is set to the dulcet tones of Barry White, adding a seductive, sultry flair to the slow, precise movements of slotting CPU pins into a motherboard-in-waiting.


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Look, I'm not saying everyone will be into watching five minutes of The Witcher throwing together some PC parts. But there are plenty of people who are. I'm sure the tanktop doesn't hurt things either.



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