WaterLogger, helping you meet your daily goals... water wise

This week during Fitness Month we've been concentrating on apps for our Windows Phone that deals with the nutritional aspects of staying fit and healthy. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is one dietary aspect that many overlook and there are a few apps out there to help us remember to drink plenty of water during the day.

We touched on Water Log the other day and another app jumped off the screen to help us keep track of our water intake... WaterLogger.

While Water Log is more of a simple, straight shooter of an app WaterLogger has a few more bells and whistles. WaterLogger's brightly colored icon along with the 4.5 star rating in the Store stood out to us so we decided to take a look at this fitness app.  What we found was another nice fitness app for our Windows Phone.

WaterLogger's main screen is dominated by an animated water drop. When you start the day without having downed the first drop of water, the water drop looks parched and on the brink of evaporation. At the bottom of the screen are a series of containers representing the amount of water you consume. Tap on the container and color begins to be restored to the water drop and a smile begins to form.

In the upper left corner of the WaterLogger's main screen you'll find your daily stats that include the percentage completed of your daily goal, actual water amount consumed and your daily goal.

From the three-dot menu, you will find button controls to view your water consumption history, access the settings, and view the about/help screens.

WaterLogger's history page is a bar graph showing your daily consumption of water measured against your daily goal.

The settings for WaterLogger are fairly detailed. You can set your daily goal, determine the volume of each container icon, allow for partial containers, enable/disable vibrations and sound effects, enable reminders, and set the Live Tile features.

Reminder settings allow you to determine what time frame you want the reminders as well as the frequency of the reminders. Sure... some will ask, "Who needs to be reminded to drink water?" But your day to day activities can become involved enough that you forget the basic tasks. How many have gotten so involved in a project they forget to eat lunch? Drinking water can just as easily be overlooked.

Live Tile support with WaterLogger gives you the options to enable two-sided tile that will show your daily progress on the reverse side of the tile. If you don't need that reminder, you can always stick with the stationary tile.

While the animated main page may feel a little elementary to some, it makes WaterLogger stand out. The customizable water containers and goals help you be more precise in tracking your water consumption and the reminders are just a nice touch. All in all, WaterLogger is a nice option to consider if you're looking for a Windows Phone app to help you in drinking enough water throughout the day.

WaterLogger is a free app for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and you can find it here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: WaterLogger

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  • I've had this app for a while went it went free a bit ago, keeps you aware of your bodies water needs.
    Off topic: as a community we need to think of a better name for "three dot menu".
  • Windows menu?
  • It's called an ellipsis
  • In English as a writing tool. That's not cool or hip like Charms.
  • I've seen it called the more menu.
  • That is unoriginal... oh well...I have nothing better.
  • That 6 glasses a day is a myth, you know. It includes any water content within your food.
  • You mean 8 glasses?
    Anyway, it really depends on body weight. I don't know how accurate it is, but the app can recommend your intake amount based on your weight. It recommends I drink 70 oz. per day.
  • It is indeed, you actually get about four cups a day from the food you eat, so the 6 to 8 moniker only applies to people that eat dehydrated foods only. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/14/drinking-8-glasses-of-wat_n_899...
  • It needs a companion app for when I need to pee.
  • hahahahaha made my day ⌒.⌒
  • I'm the author of Water Log.  You wouldn't believe how many times my friends have told me to me "a pee app"...  :-P
    Lumia 920, runs out on pre-sale Nokia site in Brazil.
  • this would be great if MS hadn't fucking broke live tiles in 7.8
  • My live tiles are working still
  • 4 litres a day for me.
  • also an app for air intake would be nice....with audio support like : ''inhale, exhale, etc. ''
  • While I love WPCentral.  Is it neccessary for reviews of apps that tell us to drink water?  Whats wrong with just drinking water and then thinking..hmm, ive drunk water, thats my 6th glass today. I can count like my 3 year old child can!  there are plenty of other apps out there that are actually interesting and useful that WPCentral do not cover.
  • They provided very good reasons why this app is important.
    I'm sure if you suggested other apps for them to cover they would be inclined to do so.
  • Really?
    Every one of us has this app hard wired into our very own human operating system. It's called "feeling thirsty". That's your body requesting hydration, there is no such thing as a "reccomended" daily amount as the amount differs depending on exercise, enviroment, food intake and each individual! 
     Over drinking water can lead to prostate and bladder problems later in life.
    As for the guy who says he drinks 4 litres a day, I hope that's a joke for your sake. 
  • The feeling of "being thirsty" isn't reliable enough to keep you properly hydrated if you are on a serious exercise regiment. That thirst "feeling" can also be altered my medications, illness, and many more circumstances.
    I believe this app has its niche, for those who exercise but don't like to just drink water otherwise. There IS actually a recommended daily allotment of water. If you're exercising, I've heard optimal intake is half your weight (lbs) in fluid ounces. Serious exercise/physical work is about a pint per hour.
    Four liters a day is fine if you do lots of physical activity or labor. Are you a medical professional?