We Happy Few 'We All Fall Down' expansion adds better combat and rooftop traversal (update)

We Happy Few
We Happy Few (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

We Happy Few

We Happy Few (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • We Happy Few is a first-person adventure set in a dystopian England.
  • The game is getting an expansion called "We All Fall Down" that focuses on combat and stealth.
  • The expansion is available for $8 and should conclude the story.
  • You can purchase Xbox Game Pass on Amazon.

Updated November 19, 2019: The expansion is now available on Xbox One, through the Microsoft Store. You'll have to search for it on your console to purchase it. However, if you're a season pass holder, you can simply download it where all add-ons are listed.

We Happy Few is a first-person adventure game where you have to carry out various tasks in a dystopian British city. It's a lot of fun, even though it's not polished around the edges.

Even though Compulsion Games has been acquired by Microsoft, the publishing agreement with Gearbox Publishing still stands. The latest expansion, "We All Fall Down," is the conclusion to this drugged-out dystopian adventure. The download stars Victoria Byng who is on a mission to rid Wellington Wells of the psychedelic drug, Joy, and free the people from their drug-induced prison.

Taking a page out of the Dishonored book, this expansion introduces more combat options and rooftop traversal. We All Fall Down will launch on Xbox One and other platforms on November 19 for $8.

According to the press release Windows Central received, We All Fall Down returns to We Happy Few's dark origins, but burns it all down in spectacular fashion. Starving like the rest of the people, Victoria wrestles with her own withdrawals as the city slides deeper into Joy shortage and disorder.

We Happy Few is part of Xbox Game Pass so be sure to check it out there. There's a lot to love about the game, and you may just get addicted to it as we have!



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