App Dev on Xbox event will teach developers how to publish Windows 10 apps for the Xbox One

Microsoft will host an online event called "App Dev on Xbox" on Tuesday, August 30. The event will, among other things, give Windows 10 developers information on how they can publish their apps on the Xbox One console.

Microsoft has already published a number of select Windows 10 UWP apps, including Netflix, to the Xbox One, but so far the company has not opened up that avenue to all developers. In a blog post, Microsoft says the "App Dev on Xbox" event will give those developers the info they need to use the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK to make apps that can be published on the Xbox One and Xbox One S. Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • What's new in the Anniversary Update SDK and how to get started with app development for Xbox One
  • How to get started developing apps using both XAML and Web technologies
  • How to design and create impressive TV experiences
  • How to publish your app to the Store and make it available for over 350 Million Windows devices including Xbox

The event will begin at noon Eastern time (9 a.m. Pacific time) on August 30. There will also be a Q&A session with Microsoft team members at the end of the event:

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John Callaham