Website taking pre-order for White Lumia 900. We're cautious.

The thing about pre-orders is so long as the site doesn't charge you until the item ships, companies can say whatever they want. Why we mention all of this of course is Negri Electronics are offering to take your $649.50 for an unlocked Nokia Lumia 900 in white. A device that hasn't even been announced officially yet (though we think the it probably exists). We checked out the site via Reseller Ratings and they have a respectable 7.5 out of 10--so they're not a complete scam if that makes you feel any better.

White 900

As mentioned above, they won't charge your card until it ships but either they have some early info or they're aiming for some site hits for publicity. We're about 50/50 split on that one, so we're not exactly ready to endorse this as legit, but hey it's your money.

Source: Negri Electronics; Thanks, nokiawp7, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • One dodgy bit of info in the description:
    "Listen to the latest Music available on the Android Market"
    Having said that I've seen errors in descriptions on legit sites anyways so this still could be legit.
  • I live in Bangalore, India. I know the owner of one mobile shop here very well. He has some of the highest sales of Nokia and Samsung phones in the city (he's got the certificates for them from those respective companies) and he said that he's heard the Lumia 900 is going to launch sometime around April in India.
    I think Nokia would be stupid to not launch the Lumia 900 internationally.
  • Love the generic headline :p
  • I have bought a Nexus S and N9 from Negri and have been pleased with their service (very fast shipping).  I hope they will have a non-AT&T-branded version of the 900.
  • "the it"
    If anything, this phone is "the it." But otherwise usually those two words shouldn't be so close to each other :)