Western Sydney University to provide 5,000 students with Surface 3's this year

Western Sydney University has announced that this year it will provide 5,000 students with Microsoft's Surface 3 tablet. The university is working with Microsoft and other partners to create opportunities for students to learn by using new technologies in ways that provide greater flexibility. We've seen airlines put the Surface 3 in the cockpit, and now we are seeing it adopted in even more places.

On Wednesday, students who received an early offer from the University received a Surface 3 device as part of the University's 'Connect and Collect Day' held at the Parramatta campus. Students receiving the Surface 3 device are studying a range of courses from across the School of Science and Health, Social Sciences and Psychology, and School of Nursing and Midwifery.

With technology becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives, it is great to see the university leveraging Microsoft's great products to push the limits of its students.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Jared DiPane

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  • It is an awesome photo! My son is in college and has to deal with a google world. Chromebook, google docs... He has a hard time using the dumbed down software when he has Office 365 right at his hands on his Pro 3. More colleges need to make the change away from google.
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  • Thats the surface pro 3. Surface 3 is the smaller cheaper variant.
  • The Surface PRO 3 has been superceded, not the (smaller) Surface 3...
  • Surface 4 isn't out yet...like even the leaks have not even started
  • The uni is private, it is not a government department. Microsoft most likely has a ton of them laying around, they are good enough for uni work eg take notes.
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  • Cool uni - check out their ad of the year http://youtu.be/buA3tsGnp2s
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  • First stop will be download of fully functional browser as they may not be aware that IE is also available.
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  • Few years ago they were giving iPads to students. I'd like to think they chose the surfaces this time round because they are more productive and not just cos they're cheaper
  • Unfortunately many schools private, public and others require that kids bring ipads as BYOD. For one they have applications that are used in Australian schools such as matheletics, planet...., (also available on the Android platform); nothing on the windows platform yet. Productive becomes relative.
  • I think its because ipad pro IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!. Surface is more prductive at about half the price.
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  • Guess Microsoft just had too much for them in stock anyway. The Surface 3 wasn't exactly a hit. Slow Atom SoC for a premium price. Not powerful enough as a notebook replacement and not enough good apps in the Windows store as an iPad or Android tablet replacement
  • I'm sorry but where are the numbers to back that statement up? The Surface 3 is a very capable device and $500, which is cheaper than a high-end but less powerful smartphone and the pen support makes that an excellent price. I've seen plenty out in the wild and it's been said many times, the app gap is nowhere near as big a deal on desktop because.... it's a desktop.
  • Intel Atom is a fast soc, comparable with any other tablet in the 500 dollars segment.
  • I Love my surface 3. edit: I like that I can play Torchlight 2 on Steam, which my ipad air only dreams about. Plus I have yet to find an app "I" use that doesn't have a website I can use or has a Windows "app".    
  • Surface mini next year. A budget device is I want with that pen. Ot would be great for college students who cannot afford pro devices too and enjoy windows 10.
  • Lol. Next year is 2017. Thats 12,months away at least. A really long time.
  • Won't expect Microsoft to launch surface mini this year. They might not launch that bcoz it may hurt their OEMs.
  • Greater Western Sydney University is the major Institution in a rapidly expanding area of Sydney Australia.
    Congratulations on this tertiary Institution choosing Microsoft as there choice of provider for this addition to students kit. Microsoft is doing wonderful things here in Sydney especially since opening it's Flagship Store. For example they are running special courses for teenagers girls to learn computer code during School holidays,in the auditorium at the new Store. A wonderful idea in my opinion something Apple who have had their flagship store in Sydney for years, has never considered doing, and Microsoft is running these courses for free.
    Cheers from Down Under
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