As with any modern devices, we all love to customize our digital experiences. From PCs, phones or even games consoles, there are a huge number of features built to add those much-needed personal flairs to the software we use. Even on a hardware-basis, choosing the color of a product can be a huge aspect of the buying process.

With Xbox One consoles, Microsoft has made this easier than ever, with a range of ways to customize your devices. From limited-edition console designs, Microsoft's in-house Xbox Design Lab and even third-party services, there are now more options than ever to express your personality. The third-party accessory market itself also still thrives, with manufacturers worldwide delivering their own various products to accompany the console.

We've now started discussing this over on our forums, giving our readers a chance to pitch in with their top picks.

Matt Brown

Recently, thanks to the guys at Controller Chaos, I managed to get my hands on a custom Xbox One controller based on the Windows Central branding. Since, I've been discussing Xbox accessories with a few of our readers and wondered what your favorites were! Have a headset or controller you like? Tried out the Xbox Design Lab service? Would be interested to hear what you guys have found so far!


As always, we want to hear from you! Have a favorite controller design? Or love a certain accessory? Make sure to drop into the thread in our Xbox Lounge and share your thoughts.

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