Best answer: The Division 2's Year One Pass grants players 7-day early access to the game's first year of DLC drops along with exclusive missions, bounties, and immediate access to three Specializations.

What does Ubisoft plan to release during The Division 2's first year?

The developer has a lot planned going forward after The Division 2 initially releases. There will be three large content Episodes that expand the story, three Specializations that release alongside the Episodes, and an 8-player raid.

And as with most live service games, quality of life improvements, performance optimization, bug fixes, and new events will be released throughout the year as well.

Detailed by Ubisoft, the Episodes are as follows:

  • The first Episode, D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions will take you to the surrounding areas of Washington as you chase down elite members of the Outcasts and the Black Tusks and fight for the liberation of the city in new locations.
  • The second Episode, Pentagon: The Last Castle will bring you to one of America's most iconic locations to unveil what secrets lie inside this well-protected maze.
  • Our third Episode will conclude Year 1 of The Division 2 and pave the way for more thrilling content.

Isn't the first year of downloadable content free for everyone?

Yup! Ubisoft plans to release The Division 2's first year of content free for all players. Even if you don't buy the Year One Pass, you will still be able to play through all three content Episodes. You won't be locked out of major content just because you didn't purchase it.

Why bother to buy the Year One Pass

The Year One Pass essentially offers extra bonuses for diehard fans who can't wait to play the next content drop. This certainly won't apply to everyone, but there are people willing to shell out some more money in order to play content before everyone else. Plus, the Year One Pass also comes with additional missions, rewards, bounties, and outfits and emotes.

How can I buy the Year One Pass?

You can purchase the Year One Pass for $40 on the Microsoft Store, but you'll need to game itself in order to use it. You can also pick it up as part of a bundle in either the Gold Edition of Ultimate Edition of the game.

Early access

The Division 2: Year One Pass

Hop in before everyone else

If you've already purchased the Standard Edition of the game, you can pick up the Year One Pass separately and still get the benefits that come with it. That week of early access for major content drops could mean a world of difference for hardcore players.

Gear up

The Division 2 Gold Edition

Take back Washington

The Gold Edition includes a copy of the base game, its Year One Pass, and a Capitol Defender pack with an extra gun and outfit. Defend Washington D.C. throughout the year with whatever challenges Ubisoft throws at you.

Extra bonuses

The Division 2 Ultimate Edition

Enter the Dark Zone

The Ultimate Editions features everything in the Gold Edition with additional packs that include more weapons, skins, outfits, and emotes. Get ready for the Dark Zone with everything at your disposal.

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