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Combining leaks: What the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 may look like

Since today there’s less news about the Microsoft-Nokia acquisition floating around, we can return to business as usual: writing about Windows Phones. Specifically, the Nokia Lumia 1520 aka the rumored 6-inch device that is expected to launch in November.

There have been two high profile leaks of this device lately, including a real photo of the 1520 and a screenshot from the 1080P display revealed by @evleaks.

One of our Windows Phone Central Forum members, Rohan Vg, threw his modest PhotoShop skills at the problem and combined those two images into one (seen above). It gives us a better look at what the finalized device may look like.

Lumia 1520 photo

Revealed: Lumia 1020 (L) and the Lumia 1520 (R)

We’re not 100% sure of the scaling next to the Lumia 920, but the rest of it looks as expected--a giant Lumia Windows Phone. The 1520 is supposed to sport a 6-inch 1080P display, quad-core processor, 20 MP rear camera and Windows Phone 8 GDR3. The device is headed to AT&T, according to the Verge, though our sources expect it to be a limited-exclusive as the device will also head to Verizon soon thereafter. Details remain murky at this time.

Speaking of things being unclear, the fate of the September announcement may be in question now with Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia potentially altering plans.  Stay tuned.

For further discussion on the upcoming Lumia 1520, dive into our dedicated forum:

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • What a beauty!
    Looks like a giant 820
  • ...that bezel
  • The bezel is smaller than you think. Windows Phone has a lot of black space
  • And still alot of bezel. Especially on the bottom. I'm getting it though. This may be the phone I held out for if not the new announced Sony ZL
  • ^This
  • Microsoft really needs to fix this by letting tiles go all the way out to the edge. All Windows Phones look old with huge bezels because of the black borders in the UI.
  • I like the bordering. It makes it look less cluttered. Though im all for an option to turn it on and off, like a scaling option.
  • Borders between the tiles are fine, just not the vertical ones furthest to the sides imo.
  • Good point.
  • "dat" bezel
  • Trueee... a litttle too much bezel...
  • I know its a mock up, but a few things wrong with the image:
    - Screen resolution is now 1080p, meaning the aspect ratio changes to 16:9. The image still looks like its based on 15:9 ratio like the other Lumias. This explains why the bezel looks bigger compared to the leaked photo.
    - The capacitive buttons are too big and too far apart. Based on the leaked photo of the display panel, they are smaller and does not span out the full of the device.
  • The screen though is a literal screenshot from the I'm not sure how it can be wrong?
  • Screenshot = 16:9 (narrower), the mockup phone body in 15:9 (wider), meaning you have a wider bezel on the two vertical sides.
  • +1520. Its not an official render though.
  • +8570
  • Too much bezel. AGAIN.
    Norm for top device: light body, thin, all screen and almost no bezel. Microsoft please sort it out. Nokia failed to get the design right. That's real shame because components and OS are good.
  • You don't have chubby hands so you don't know but Bezels insure you don't press shit by accident if you're simply holding the phone with your hands, bezels also provide a way for you to hold the phone without touching the screen's realstate which sometimes can mean alot.
  • Finally someone knows what he's talking abt.
    Yeap, many people dun understands beze is there for ergonomic reason.
    That's right, we're talking abt Nokia here, design for a reason... unlike Shamesung.
  • Shamesung, really. How old are you, 12?
  • What about a Lumia 1020 with quad core processor and other top of the line specs?
  • I hope a variant of this comes to T-Mobile as well.
  • +1520
  • *1525
  • Since Microsoft broke Nokia I'm pretty sure the end of variants are near. Hopefully. With the money they have they should be able to do that much.
  • 1. It wouldn't have the name, "NOKIA" on it.
    2. Quite amazing that no one suspected the possibility of a MS purchase when we first spotted the full device leak
  • You are aware that the Microsoft purchase has not been approved by shareholders, regulatory agencies or anyone except the boards, meaning that it is just a plan, as of right now? It won't be finalized until 2014. I have no idea what point #2 is supposed to mean.
  • This
  • Thank you. Jesus, people are already singing Nokia's Requiem before knowing if they'll even die...
  • It's gonna happen, the regulatory and board approvals are just formalities.  There's very little reason for it not to happen.
  • It's not official yet, won't be until beginning of next year, but it's pretty much a done deal.
  • It is to suggest another thought in his comment separate from the first. :P
  • My mess up. I didn't inspect the image closely enough. I thought those were speaker holes on the face of the device, but it looks more like a Nokia logo at second glance.
    The second point goes with the first (I thought the logo was missing so I figured it represented MS buying Nokia) was in reference to how sudden the Nokia purchase hit us.
  • Nokia is still Nokia until merger is approved. If it's not approved, Nokia will remain separate. Nobody suspected anything because the prototype has Nokia logos.
  • There never was any merger, MS is supposed to buy the majority of Nokia's Devices & Services division. Nokia would still be Nokia regardless of what happens, they would still own all their patents, and they would still own their brand Nokia. They could even start making Nokia phones again in 2 years if they wanted to.
    Why WPCentral doesn't understand this is beyond me.
  • Few things wrong with your comment: Microsoft has a 10 year license on 30K utility patents with the option for a perpetual license on the table Microsoft will acquire (read own) 8,500 *design* patents from Nokia Microsoft has the right to use 'Nokia' for mobile phones; Nokia said as much this morning and Microsoft will be using the Nokia brand for the Asha line, but not Lumias Nokia won't have the R&D team any longer to "start making phones in two years". It's a ridiculous assertion. Sure, technically they could but it would also be the oddest move in history. They also sold off their design patents and would have to start anew. I suggest you go back and reread the slides for clarification.
  • 1&2. "Nokia's CTO (Chief Technology Office) organization and patent portfolio will remain within the Nokia Group." ...MS hasn't bought one patent, it's all licenced for 10 years.
    3. "Nokia will continue to own and maintain the Nokia brand. Under the terms of the transaction, Microsoft has agreed to a 10 year license arrangement with Nokia to use the Nokia brand on current and subsequently developed products based on the Series 30 and Series 40 operating systems." ...MS also HAS to use the Nokia brand on all current mobile products that was developed under Nokia, but they are NOT allowed to use the brand on anything else. When the Finns say "mobile phones", they are talking about feature phones (or whatever you call them over there).
    4. Don't have their R&D team? Yeah, right! They are developing alot of technology and that division has not been sold and anything they develop in the future MS can't touch. Again, they haven't sold one patent, I don't know which blogger gave you that idea.
    Nokia has set themselves up to be able to build Nokia products again in the future. What that will be is of course anyone's guess.
  • Really, you are going to question the person who is paid to know this stuff, and which is being reported on every single other reputable site on the topic?
    1) Nokia is going to retain the bulk of their patents, and is merely leasing (potentially forever) them to MS.
    2) A large minority of patents are in fact being sold off to MS, which (at least in my opinion) is the only real part that MS is interested in as they make much more money licencing patents to Android devices than they do with WP, and this can help a lot on that front in the odd proxy war against Apple.
    3) Yes, Nokia owns Nokia. Nokia makes a great many things other than phones and will be allowed to use their brand name of Nokia on those devices. MS has the option to continue using the Nokia name on future MS phones, but will most likely phase this out fairly quickly after the purchase. Nobody cares what the Finns think, lawyers view "mobile phones" as being "mobile phones" which will include any phone which happens to be mobile.
    4) Yes, right actuially. The R&D team is being bought by MS right along with a large minority of patents. This means that Nokia will need to build a whole new division and start from scratch if they want to start making phones again in the future. Most likely though, if they are willing to sell off their entire mobile phone division because it is too costly and very difficult to compete in and they are not likely to start over on it again. If this deal goes through then we are not going to see Nokia making phones again in the foreseeable future. And yes, Nokia is set up to build products. It looks like they will be building in-dash car systems, mapping systems, database systems, and a whole host of other products. They in fact already make these products, and they are very profitable. In fact, these products are what have been keeping the company afloat this last 5 years while hemorrhaging money in the mobile markets. Nokia selling off the phone division would be like MS selling off the Windows division. Yes, it is shocking because it is what they are known for, but the reality is that it is only a small fraction of what the company actually does anymore.
  • Read the Nokia press release instead of listening to Daniel. It is quiet clear. Why would I listen to a blogger over Nokia themselves?

    No R&D team huh? "Following the transaction, Nokia plans to focus on its three established businesses, each of which is a leader in enabling mobility in its respective market segment: NSN, a leader in network infrastructure and services; HERE, a leader in mapping and location services; and Advanced Technologies, a leader in technology development and licensing."
    In regards to the brand. "Microsoft has agreed to a 10 year license arrangement with Nokia to use the Nokia brand on current Mobile Phones products." (Nokia wants all the products they have developed up until the deal, to keep their branding) "Nokia will continue to own and maintain the Nokia brand.  Under the terms of the transaction, Microsoft has agreed to a 10 year license arrangement with Nokia to use the Nokia brand on current and subsequently developed products based on the Series 30 and Series 40 operating systems. (Again, MS has AGREED to use the Nokia branding on the feature phones that are running Nokia's OS. That is it, that is the deal regarding the brand.)
  • Here is MS's statement and it says the same thing. There is nothing in the agreement about MS buying any patents. Nokia will have full access to all of MS's patents to use in Nokia's HERE services and if MS wants to extend the deal "forever" then Nokia will also have access to all of MS's patents "forever" for their HERE services (that is if MS wants that in 10 years). For anyone to argue against these sources (MS & Nokia themselves) is just moronic. I'm sorry, but it is, it's fucking moronic.
  • Look, they'll still be around, likely not making any more products directly for consumers, but....
    ....they won't be making any more phones. End of story.
    Unless you're the chairman of Nokia, not sure why you'd insist on that.
  • That wasn't the discussion, you should read everything from the beginníng and read my links thoroughly. Keep in mind that I'm the only one who is actually arguing by sources.
  • You just got Daniel Rubino'ed.
  • The Xbox Lumia Phone. Or LumiaX
  • Lumia Xphone sounds better :)
  • Now surfacing: the Microsoft Xbox Lumia N1 Windows Phone 8 Phone. That would be perfect!
  • The Microsoft Windows phone 8 Surface Box One
  • "Microsoft Windows Phone Xbox Lumia xxxx One Surface" anyone?
  • Next year: Microphone 9 :D
  • I think I’ll hold off on updating my black 928 to red for this guy if in dead it does come to Verizon.
  • I like the form factor, but seems a bit too crowded with the extra column of tiles.
  • That's what we all said when we saw screenshots of WP8 with the small tiles, but once you arrange the tiles yourself it's not so bad.
  • I agree, also all I have to do is try and help my mom with her new android or my kids iPod touch and I really appreciate the WP tiles big and small.
  • We did? I didn't. :P
  • that screen look soo awesome
  • Time for a guess the name contest of new windows phones.
  • I have a feeling they will be "windows phone #number" as that's what the htcs were released as and they were the windows phone "flagships".
  • Throughout all the reading on several postings, I think I missed what kind of screen this was suppose to have. Are they going the AMOLED or IPS route?
  • I'm guessing amoled because that would work best with features like the glance screen.
  • Thx. I was hoping IPS as its so great on my 920.
  • I would like hear some news about the rumoured 5.2" L825 with 1080p display.  It could be more popular than L1520.
  • Link?
  • It needs to have a stylus. I'd love to take notes and draw sketches on that.
  • Good idea, but don't hold your breath on this version. It's Nokia's first attempt and MS doesn't have the support in the OS unless it's a currently unknown feature of GDR3.
  • +1. If this doesn't have a stylus it will go from the top of my list straight to the botom. I'm not counting on it, but it would be nice.
  • God damn exclusive crap... ATT does the worst in promoting and sales of WP. Both Verizon and T-Mobile does a better job, ugh!!
  • Huh? I've seen WAAAY more 1020 and 920 commercial from ATT than I seen any other WP device. I've gone into store and seen full wall displays for the 1020.
  • Vzw possibly, Tmo no. My local Tmo store had the 925 & 521 tucked away in the back of the store with the blackberries, hardly what is call prime acerage.
  • I remember seeing Verizon 928 ads at launch, but what have they done for us lately? Tmo doesn't do shit. AT&T has ads all over the place. Also, article suggests a Verizon version soon after AT&T launch.
  • I just hope there'll be a tile large/wide enough to fill the entire width of the screen. I would hate to have a medium (or four small) tile pinned next to a wide tile.
  • +1
  • What if you had a two baby tiles then a wide tile then two more baby tiles... wonderful symmetry
  • It seems faster.
  • yeah! the LSD ! ... finally ;) :D
  • Looks like someone on LSD arranged those tiles. Good lord its a mess
  • No good they need to design it like the looks like a blurred mess....they should not fill the whole screen with tiles...need to have a background like surface
  • 60 tiles v. 28 small tiles on the 4.5" screens. Much less scrolling for me and more space to "pin to start". Same screen size as kindle and nook readers. Now about that XBox bookstore.....Ballmer has one more investment to tidy up before leaving: The "Windows Phone Lumia Nook Reading Tablet 7 with Stylus".
  • I would love a 925 bezel on the bandit...
  • Your do realize that the Lumia 925 has pretty much exactly the same dimensions as the Lumia 920 and thus just as big bezels. The 925 is 0,2 mm less wide and 1,3 mm less tall which pretty much means that the difference is zero compared o the 920
    Just saying this given the fact that people (particulairly those who don't realize that the startscreen has black borders) complain about the 920...
  • I wish the Xbox music app would have its large live tile playing all the time. It would look awesome on that screen
  • +100 really lame that no previous artist info shows unless they are actually playing currently.
  • I miss this from WP7. :(
  • Looks clustered.... Looks android, I love WP cos of how simple it is
  • Screen is super cluttered... and a mess. Hopefully they do something about that.
  • Indeed. I like big screens as much as the next guy, but this is a bit much. With that said, what I would like in a larger phone Res would be a clear 1/1 ratio. I have 4 small tiles across the top of mine, I'd like to make them 4 medium. However, without making the phone massive beyond belief there isn't a way to do that unless they incorporate a landscape start screen.
  • I kind of agree, but I think this is one of those "when you see it in person" moments...
  • There's also a bit of an optical illusion going on here too. The apps that the pic has on it has tiles that, like the People tile, look like a lot is going on in them. Which in turn makes it look more cluttered than it actually is. Move some stuff around and switch out some tiles and it may not look so bad.
  • I hope so, i'm still thinking of switching to a 6" device, but i will decide when i see it in person, +1.
  • Agree, looks too android, read: a cluttered mess.
  • Agreed. That homescreen on 1520 needs an unclusterred refreshing look..
  • This screen is definitely cluttered, luckily, you can pin whatever you want to the start screen. Yours or mine won't necessarily look cluttered.
  • I think there's practical value to thick bezels but that 1520 takes it a bit too far. I also sure hope that screenshot isn't a sign of where Windows Phone is going for higher resolution screens. I can't say I've ever looked at my Lumia 920 and felt like what I needed was to be able to jam even more tiles on the screen. What a cluttered mess. If Microsoft wants to remind everyone of the olden days of Windows go right ahead with that barrage of tiles. Because that's what people are going to dredge up every time they look at the content overload on one of those phones. I could see maybe going with an extra column or allowing full width tiles, but even that makes me nervous. But to blindly adopt the design language from Windows 8 is a mistake. But the problem here is that this would be a half-assed implementation at best because it's too monochromatic for that much content. At least in Windows 8 many standard apps retain distinctive colors. But I suppose it's all speculation at this point.
  • MS would be crazy to alter things already in the works.
  • " The device is headed to AT&T" and my first thought after reading that part was: AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft can sit and wait for me to purchase a device from AT&T
  • I have to get one although nothing has been finalized this may be the last of the real nokias ...i hope not!!!
  • I want it!
  • I hope Microsoft enhances the push notification limit cuz that's a lot more live tiles not working if they don't upgrade it.
  • They definitely need to increase the number of Live Tiles one is able to update simultaneously.
    Thinking about this new "Phablet" has me giddy.
  • I want it!!
    Btw what happened to the rumoured 5.2 inch 825???
  • My wife just got the Samsung Ativ S and I have to say it's really quite nice. The micro-SD option is perfect so I can load all her old tv shows she likes to watch at the gym. The rounded corners and really thin profile make it really nice to hold compared to my Lumia 900.  Considering this 1520 is about the size of the Galaxy Note 2/3 I think I might go this route if it ever comes to Canada.  I like the 41MP monster and what I can do, but 20Mp should be amazing for my needs.  I really just hope they put at least 3000 mAh battery in it.. like I really need them to do this.  I use my phone for calls, texts and emails all day, and it's also my personal phone. The Galaxy Note 3 does look well done.  I just wish I would run Windows Phone.
  • Let's hope Samsung make's a Windows Phone 8 variant of the Galaxy Note 3.
  • God, having a phone that resembles like an Android ? I rather have a feature phone.
  • It's nice to see a manufacturer trying something different from the Nokia brick shaped devices. If Samsung only made Windows Phones then you Nokia fanboys would be praising them for doing something different.
  • I don't like the round corners, but I'm buying it regardless
  • I'm not crazy about the looks of this device. Don't really like the rounded corners, actually looks a little cheaper than the normal Nokia flagship phones (to me). Hopefully some leaks of other new phones will start soon. Interested to see what else we can look forward to before the end of the year.
  • this one is different and is coming as well
  • I don't know about this phone. The whole point of phablet is to be part tablet. The Galaxy Notes have this. If Nokia releases this and it's just a big ass Phone, then it's a parody. I have a 920, I'd love a little bigger screen. But if I don't have any new features for this 6" screen it's as laughable as the giant cell phones and remote controls Walgreens used to sell.
  • what about this
    this has way more thinner bezel
  • I do want point out the notification bar. The time and bar status bar stretch pass the tiles if it hasn't been brought up.
  • plus this one is supposed to have the camera array and will probally be the eos
  • I am not sure I like the round edges.
  • this one is rumored to be coming as well and it is typical square like the lumia 1020
  •  this one is square, so I imagine verizon att, tmobile are getting diffrent ones
  • Hello gigantor
  • I still personally dont understand the gap from the top of the screen to the top of the tiles.
  • Alright, Samsung just announced the Note 3. And wow. The new S Pen features are amazing, a bigger and better screen, battery, processor, etc and it's still around the SAME size as the Note II. That's an accomplishment.
    I love the idea of a WP phablet but the OS is not ready for a phablet yet. Maybe I'm wrong and Nokia announces this phone and it has a stylus and special digitizer with improved multitasking.. and if that happens I'll definitely get this over the Note 3. But I don't think it will and this Lumia will just be a big Lumia.
    Sigh :( I'm so confused right now. I'll wait until fall to decide on my next phone. I really want my next phone to be a Lumia but right now the biggest, most apparent advantage will only be the camera.
  • I agree, if there are no enhancements to the OS to take advantage of the screen then it will just be a waste.
  • Speaking as a guy with big hands, I love big phones.
  • I say either the pic is a fake or there's something new with GDR3 in regards to Office.  You were never able to pin Office Apps before, just the Office Hub.
  • Those are just documents, if you pin one from the office hub and then resize it to the smallest tile size it looks like that.
  • Damn, learn something new everyday.
  • nokia's LAST smart phone?!?!
  • That start screen has so much real estate
  • I like it.. i will be getting this,, if i can get it unlocked, on release day
  • What is nokia cam?
  • I like the concept, but it has the same problem the the Nokia 920. They could have done small bezel and added more screen. I hope someday they will start to do more of a edge to edge screen. What I mean is run the screen from top to bottom, and add touch buttons as hidden until sweep over.
  • I wonder if the large tile can stretch all the way across....meaning is that the standard sizes of the tiles on the 6" behemoth or can they be changed to the same aspect as the others?  If so, count me out because that means the 1520's large tile is smaller than the others' large tile, medium tile smaller than the other's medium tile, yada yada.
  • Does anyone know what that second app from the top left is? It looks like it says storyteller on the tile but I can't find anything in the marketplace that looks similar to that app.
  • whatever happens i think it's a win/win for the consumer. by the time it does come out it should have all the latest upgrades. look out note3