What will you win with QuizToWin in the Windows Phone Store?

Microsoft Europe has released its QuizToWin app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android, enabling consumers to answer daily questions and participate alongside friends. It's worthwhile since there are some exciting packages on offer, which everyone has a chance of winning. If you're looking to test your mind and possibly win some cool gear, look no further.

How it works is a new question will be available on a daily basis, earning you points as you progress. Notifications will also be fired out irregularly with bonus questions for some added point accumulation. Sounds simple enough because it is. The prizes cover Microsoft goodies from Lumia Windows Phones and Surface hardware to Office 365 and Skype offers. It's also possible to follow your personal score in real-time and compare against friends to see who's in the lead.

It's a neat concept that takes up little time and gets everyone involved to win some free stuff. What's not to like? As an added bonus, Microsoft will be holding a pan-European quiz, streamed from the New Microsoft Center in Brussels, Belgium later this month.

Remember to bookmark the below page for the event on May 15. Check the rules for more info.

Source: Microsoft

QR: QuizToWin

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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