What is a Windows Phone VIP?

Very Important People. That is what VIP means to everyone, but what is a Windows Phone VIP Ambassador?

Microsoft created a training website called Expertzone (opens in new tab), where Retail Sales Professionals could log in and take training courses on selling Microsoft products. In 2010, Microsoft created the Windows Phone VIP program and BIll Bush was at the helm building a new Windows Phone community. The program has grown to over 13,000 VIP's and nearly 100 Windows Phone Ambassadors.

Retail sales professionals can join  this exclusive site to get first hand knowledge, special events, contests, and fellow windows phone users to bond with. With a small amount of users of Windows Phone, there was an even smaller amount of sales associates that actually knew anything about the OS. With the Expertzone site, new employee's train to learn about  key features and talk to real windows phone users for advice on problems they were having, how to demo properly, and enter some really cool exclusive contests. The whole point of the program is to reward those individuals who really love windows phones by giving them more knowledge, exclusive meetups, rewards like t-shirts, pins, and phones. Their community is growing strong and keeps growing.

Microsoft is now upgrading the program to Windows Phone Advisors, where a current WP VIP's can refer other associates who want to become an Advisor.

The role of a Windows Phone Advisor is being the go-to guy/girl for Windows Phone at their work. They are the "experts" because of their knowledge and have gone above and beyond to represent Windows Phone. They also train their fellow sales associates on windows phone and customers.  

This program is something special because they are getting dedicated, passionate fans of Windows Phones who sell them excited about Windows Phone. Knowing you belong to a larger community where you can talk to about the various devices and have the other people completely understand what you are talking about is a great feeling.

Microsoft understands they are the low-man on the totem pole,and this program gives them an amazing opportunity to get direct feedback from the people who sell their phones. They get insight to what customers are saying, what they like, don't like, have trouble with, etc... and they have time to react to their thoughts. Maybe that is why Windows Phone 8 might be taking longer, they are listening and changing things for the better!

If you sell phones, go check out Expertzone (opens in new tab), and join the VIP Advisor program! Help spread the Windows Phone love!

  • Do we have to be in phone retail to join because I sure as hell love Windows Phone and would love to be a part of that
  • You have to be part of some retail organization like Best Buy to earn things on Expertzone, which is kinda meh.
  • Thats the sad thing, I think passionate fans should be able to join
  • I agree. When I worked for Best Buy, ExpertZone and Intel Retail Edge were amazing. You could get super expensive things super cheap.
  • That sounds awsome
  • They definitely need this Microsoft is working so hard to put out great and beautiful product not even copying anyone and hates and fanboys have so much power wat a shame
  • as i can not go into the forum from work i would like to ask a complete offtopic question here....
    lately i have to deactivate the data connection every couple of minutes on my htc titan.
    meaning i check the phone screen for time and see that the EDGE connection is active. so i go into the settings and it is turned off! so i activate it in the settings and deactivate it again so the data connection is inactive again. after a couple of minutes up to hours i check my screen again and EDGE is turned on again!
    is there some way to permanently turn it off? is this a titan error or wp7?
    any help appreciated....
  • not only do you get to be a VIP if you take enough courses --  you get a super swagalicious keychain that proclaims your VIP status to the world! expertzone is great!  there's even an app for it for our beloved wp.
  • Thanks for writing about our program, Mateo! Great to see you're part of the WPCentral team now!
    I'm with the team that manages the VIP program, and I encourage anyone out there who's in retail to check us out on http://ExpertZone.Microsoft.com and download our free app for Windows Phone: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=99a6bdaf-d631-4df6-9660-603bc64b7b0d
    This year is going to be a big year for Windows Phone and the VIP program, so if you're at all interested in learning more about becoming an Advisor, don't delay! 
  • I'm in the program. You still get great deals on MS products as well as the chance to win all kinds of prizes; phones, trips, swagg. Highly recommended.
  • Yeh it is awesome, lots of training for WP7 as well as other Microsoft products, and you also get cheap Microsoft stuff and free goodies :D Community is also great, and ExpertZone is open to pretty much anyone whose part of a company sells any form of Microsoft products.