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What's missing in Windows 11, according to Reddit

Windows 11 Logo 6 Fold
Windows 11 Logo 6 Fold (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Reddit users are making a list of features they believe are missing on Windows 11.
  • Many of the listed features appear in previous versions of Windows.
  • Windows 11 is still in development, so Microsoft may release some of the requested features.

Windows 11 will launch later this year, and while it improves upon Windows 10 in many areas, some believe that it's missing some features. A Reddit thread lists several features and options that people believe are missing from the new operating system.

Koken_halliwell shares the list of features they believe are missing from Windows 11:

  • Drag and drop to Taskbar to open files with taskbar apps (WTF were they thinking when removing this??!). This is one of the main reasons that is preventing me to upgrade my everyday work PC.
  • Move the Taskbar to whatever side we want (I use the left one).
  • Combine only when the Taskbar is full (I need to see labels to work properly/efficiently). Also not combine at all for users who prefer it like that.
  • Remove those ridiculous new "requirements" (I've tested myself my "unsupported" laptop works WAY better and faster with W11 than it ever did with W10). Not to mention the environmental disaster it's gonna supose to our already destroyed planet. And BTW despite I can, not everyone can afford a new computer just because MS wants to play [b*tchy].
  • Folders in start menu.
  • Opening another instance of an already running app by shift-clicking the icon in the Taskbar (I think it's ctrl+shift+click how I made that work in W11).
  • Permanently remove the Recommended section and leave all that blank space for the pinned apps (I've always liked the idea of having an apps drawer in Windows besides the apps list). Maybe an option to swap the apps list for an apps drawer would be great (which will directly show up once you press the Windows button).
  • I don't want her back but it's a shame the way Cortana ended and how useless she was in comparison to Alexa or other assistants. Anyway if she makes a comeback it should be 100% optional.

Commenters in the thread also mention a better way to set default apps, adding the option to uncombine folders and apps in the Taskbar, and supporting offline accounts for Windows 11 Home.

Since Windows 11 isn't finished, some of these features may make their way to the OS. Some features, like the option to move the Taskbar to any side of the screen, are more likely to arrive than Microsoft getting rid of the minimum requirements for Windows 11. That being said, we'll have to wait and see to find out what Microsoft has in store before Windows 11 comes out.

What features do you believe are missing from Windows 11? Do you think Microsoft will release any of the features people on Reddit are asking for? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Great list, fully agree! I'd also add an urgent need to fix touch input in Edge, PWAs and electron apps.
  • What are electron apps?
  • I still don't understand the idea of crying about environmental issues or trying to buy new PC. Nobody forcing you to switch to the Windows 11 and after 2025, your PC already will become unusable considering you need older than 3 years PC to not able to upgrade Windows 11. Your PC will become 8, 9 years old after Windows 10 support ends and after that there are low chance to it even run the Windows 7. Last for Cortana, I think she must make a comeback. I remember when she first released, she was smartest assistant until Microsoft didn't support enough on her assistant capabilities. Instead, they just tried to integrate to Microsoft 365. It was good idea but changing whole focus to that direction made it fail because she didn't have the abilities what people used dijital assistants for. But I think don't think Alexa and Siri is more clever than Cortana at least before they ended support and removed 90% the features.
  • Add to that the absence of a real Dark Theme. All Windows 11 has is a **** Grey Theme - which is vomit-inducing BS downright unusable - and a Light Theme to blind you. Then it's also missing the ability to switch from the dumb round corners back to proper straight edges. I'm happy Microsoft will not remove the silly requirements, though. That way I can be sure I won't be pestered by them to install that garbage version of Windows. I'll stick with Windows 10 which, while far from great, is miles better than what preceeded it and what will follow it. Oh and if these years have shown us anything is that Microsoft does NOT listen to feedback.
    The Insider program is a travesty, a way for them to outsource testing to "fans" and not spend a single cent paying qualified people to test the software. They're not interested in your opinions or feature requests. You can suggest as much as you want, they don't care. They already have their plans set in stone and it won't be the opinions of "fans" that will change anything.
  • The greay dark theme is the best backround color for reading, the black dark theme is really annoying, more if you have a OLED display and You're scrolling.
  • Agreed.
    Black is too much of a contrast to white or really any bright color (like the default Windows blue).
  • Grey is unreadable garbage.
    The white on grey text easily gets blurry and it gets worse if you don't have 20/20 eyesight anymore.
    And if you have an OLED display, the Grey Theme is wasting energy that could be spared by having a proper Dark Theme, with black, that switches off the pixels.
  • Maybe it’s my display itself, but the dark theme looks pretty darn blavk to me. I never thought of it is gray.
  • DJCBS, that's even more curmudgeonly than usual. :-) Color preferences are a matter of option (except for dark mode using less power on OLED displays), so I respect your preferences there. But of course MS listens to Insider Feedback while also still spending money on QA. That doesn't mean they act on your or my opinion specifically, but if millions of us agree, they obviously care about that. Personally, I'm most concerned about the loss of Jump Lists. I need those. That alone may force me to stay with Windows 10 for a while longer in the hope that MS will eventually add them to Windows 11.
  • Well, they are still there, just not in the pinned apps list of the start menu inexplicably. There is feedback about this here:
  • They are there, you just have to right click on the app, unless I'm misunderstanding what jump list is 🤷‍♂️
  • Jump lists show a list of recently opened files or custom actions offered by the app, those don't work on the pinned apps list anymore, for whatever reason.
  • I don’t ever recall them working anywhere else but the taskbar.
  • They are there:
  • I would like to still be naïve and believe that Microsoft listens at all. But from these years of experience with Windows 10, it's clear they don't. More than once have they shipped updates with bugs that had been reported months ago in the feedback hub. They also don't listen. There are many people requesting, since the beginning, that Microsoft separates the Dark Theme from the Grey Theme.
    There's absolutely no reason why they can't offer more than one. It's Windows. It shouldn't be all locked-up. Offer a Light, a Dark and a Grey Theme. And let people decide. But no.
    Microsoft had a proper Dark Theme on Windows 8 and the early days of Windows 10. Then some people complained they wanted grey. And Microsoft, instead of adding a third theme, replaced the Dark Theme with a Grey Theme.
    But when we complained we wanted the real Dark Theme back, they ignored it. Did they listened once and not the second time? No. They switched it to Grey because that's what Apple did on MacOS.
    And if you look at Windows 11, it's abundantly clear Microsoft didn't take any of the opinions of their users to account.
    They simply ripped-off MacOS. They threw away all that was good about Windows in favour of copying a garbage operating system that less than 10% of the world uses.
  • I seriously, wholeheartedly, and extremely passionately disagree with every single word uttered out of your mouth in this comment
  • I want Windows Phone to come back, live tiles and Cortona to be back. Cortona used to be the best assistant ever, come on she had features like remind me when my mom or sister or boss calls, or even remind you to say happy birthday if someone contacts you. Also, she could remind you when you are at the store or such. Cortona and the way she is just beautiful in the commercials. Yes, the system requirements need to go down, it is so fast on my pro 5 and it is much more tablet-friendly. I agree with YeahRrright, touch input does need to get better but it is getting better>
  • Windows phone just never had the support from developers that Android and iOS do. That’s why I never had any interest in having a Windows Phone.
  • There are a lot of basically under-appreciated features that have gone missing in Windows 11. Sadly many of them tends to be an essential feature that we had on Windows for years and now gone especially that drag-and-drop feature on Taskbar, so dragging files into it won't work now, one of the huge regression IMO. On Windows 10, dragging files and app shortcuts to Start button were actually not a thing unlike on Windows 7, but now we got way less on Windows 11. The new Windows 11 Taskbar really were rewritten, but sadly forgotten to bring back most of its features and some are not even got any improvements like Taskbar overflow, which should have been a crucial thing to address on Windows 11 since there is no Tablet Mode. The icons on Taskbar is always visible, and now there is no way to see all pinned and running apps on the Taskbar once you rotate to Portrait posture. Another feature I notice gone missing as well are:
    - Jumplist on Start menu is still not here. Context menu on pinned apps are just basic things now. So much features has been omitted on new Start Menu that I don't know if this even called "improvement" from the old one. Yes, not anybody liked Live Tiles, but at least Windows 10 Start Menu were far more customizable and allow you to organized it better and offers way more functionality.
    - Yes Folder and Grouping are one of the features that are now missing on new Start Menu as well,
    - Ability to resize Start Menu is also missing as well.
    - No more ability to add and see calendar appointments on Calendar flyout on the Taskbar. Sure there is indeed Widgets now, if only Widgets were not too web-based that it pretty much relied having internet access always and also bit sluggish to use. Also, only a simple Calendar flyout is such a waste of space and opportunity to at least provide some function there when it had one.
    - Not exactly feature, but the Night Light behaviour doesn't have soft fade anymore. Clicking it and even with timer, it just now flicks to the color temp which feels so jarring that I have to turn off its auto feature.
    - Folder icons now don't show its contents like it used to be since Vista (even XP actually if switching view to Thumbnails, but only for photos). The problem I have now is that all the folders to me are just see of yellow icons that I can' distinguish between them except for filenames. I wonder if the decision makers on Microsoft were just using List View that they forgotten this feature. New icons are nice, but I hope we didn't lost functionality at the same time. I hope they at least address the one I listed, which is just a few. I didn't include things like Live Tiles despite I still prefer to have those, I understand if they want to move a different direction. At least the Widgets is here, but still Windows 11 Widgets needs waaaay alot more work to do. This is far from iOS/iPadOS level of Widgets. It just shame that they could've just ported Live Tiles to new Widgets panel so at least we can still use any apps that has Live Tiles while we are transitioning to newer Widgets framework. But alas, it was just completely killed while we wait for Widgets to improve from square one.
  • I'm pretty sure I do still get the fade to night light when it's turned on by the timer.
  • Really, they should drop the TPM requirements because as mentioned in the article, it will make people upgrade their "useless" machines and will contribute to more waste. Also, it will give new life to older machines. My sister's old and slow Pavillion Dv6 would run soooo much better on Windows 11 with all the software optimizations.
  • I disagree with this: TPM requirement is a legit security advance for all users, which like COVID vaccinations, helps with herd immunity for all Internet-connected computers, even those who can't take advantage of it or the new OS. I'm glad to see MS taking strong steps to improve computer security. This is a real and serious problem that affects millions of people every year and generates money for terrorist groups (ransomware). However, TPM 2.0 is included with virtually all computers since Intel's 4th Gen Core line, so not clear why they're limiting Win 11 to 8th Gen and newer. That, to me, is the bigger problem with their hardware requirements. That some obsolete computers may end in a landfill is irrelevant. I don't understand why that's a factor for anyone. Whether under or above ground, it's the same chemicals taking up the same amount of space and contributing the same amount of mass to the planet. This is a myth of an issue.
  • I hope they don't.
    Because I don't want to be constantly pestered with notification to install Windows 11 when I have absolutely zero intentions of soiling any of my computers with it.
  • This all comments makes sense
    MS if ur reafing this ( i mean atleast any employee then plz do something)
  • I'm tired of buying third party apps because Microsoft can't pull their head out. - Make a start menu with a lot of options that you can turn on and off at will.
    - Give us a Windows Explorer with dual panes and integrated tools like: file compression, ftp support, tag and rename, file sync...and...and.
    - An image viewer that's worth a damn.
    - A media player that actually has usable codecs.
    - A built in security suit that is capable enough so that I don't have to purchase more security software. - And last but not least...if you even think about turning Windows into a subscription operating system, I will switch to Linux in a blink of an eye.
  • Judging by your list, you might as well switch to Linux. As much as I do enjoy customization, I do app appreciate somewhat of a fixed/standardized setup with just a bit of customization. It keeps the OS more stable and familiar when helping or working with others.
  • Linux doesn't run on most laptops and tablets.
  • It runs quite well on laptops. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • I am very disappointed about missing Jump Lists and drag and drop to Taskbar icons. I use Jump Lists constantly. I would be at a loss to use Windows without them. I probably open about 20-30 documents during a day. Of those, I open a few from their folders in Explorer, but the vast majority are other files that I've opened recently before, and so they are in a Jump List. If it would take me 20-30 seconds to find each of those via search or navigation absent a Jump List launch option, that's about 5-10 minutes of time lost each day, and in some cases, if I would have to go searching for a file, I just wouldn't bother, degrading my productivity, and as Panos says, TAKING ME OUT OF MY FLOW, and for what? How does removing Jump Lists improve the OS in any way?
  • These things are not “believed to be missing”. They ARE missing. I don’t use the start menu, and have not used it in 20 years. So This Year’s Start Menu does not matter to me at all. But the taskbar changes - along with the absurd HW requirements - means I am staying with 10 for the constantly decreasing number of things I need Windows for.
  • The "believed to be missing" phrasing is more to say that some people think they are features that should be there but that they aren't. Of course these features aren't there, but only some people consider their absence an issue.
  • Of course the Baltimore Orioles are having a terrible season this year, but only some people consider that an issue. 🙄 Of COURSE the people pointing out the missing features consider it to be “an issue”. Otherwise they would not be pointing it out. My point is, why spin it that way? Why spin it at all? Why not just present the facts: Here is a list of features that are missing from Windows 11. Here is a list of new features. We can decide for ourselves which - if any - are an issue. Would you ever write an article titled: “There are many new features in Windows 11, but only some people are excited about them”?
  • What's missing is a UI that allows one to schedule Defender full/quick scans on a weekly/biweekly/daily/monthly basis vs. having to create a task scheduler entry and manually updating the link as the software is updated in /programdata/ every few months. If every other virus scan company provides this capability for their customers, why can't Microsoft?
  • I would like to see automated light and dark themes. Android has the option to set it from setset to sunrise.
  • I would really appreciate an option to batch rename files in Explorer, like the one in Mac OS
  • I miss having 'Taskbar Drag & Drop' allowing me to open files within open apps. Whilst I personally dislike the idea of a left, top, or right task bar I agree people should have the option to move the taskbar to whatever side they wish. The same applies to combining apps on the taskbar, I don't like it personally but having the option for those that do wish to have it would be nice. Whilst I concur with the anger produced by the high minimum system hardware requirements for Windows 11, I must say like Microsoft said at Windows 11's debut, technology evolves and we should take the best advantages of the new technology regardless of what it is for (security, performance, compatibility, etc.) I think people who own devices not meeting the minimum hardware requirements should be allowed access to Windows 11 but have a degraded experience (whilst saving the planet!). For example weaker security at the users fault, & slower, less compatible usage with apps and the OS itself. That way they can have Windows 11 but know their device's hardware is what's preventing them from having the best experience they could. Folders in the start menu (or as I'll get on to and think it should be called the app drawer), I dislike them. App installations shouldn't bundle an uninstallation file and instruction manuals or other junk the main app should incorporate, all of which get put in a folder together. They can go. It's also a reason all browsers other than beloved Edge aren't an option since PWAs don't install directly, instead it's into a folder. Don't worry I won't switch from Edge at the moment although I've ditched Bing for Google after an extension allows Google to open from the Windows 11 search pane. If Safe Search could be disabled, search indexing improved, a dark mode added, and just overall improvements, then I'll switch straight back. Otherwise Bing and I are probably going to be separate. Whilst on Windows 10, I made use of opening new instances of an already running app by shift-clicking the app's icon in the taskbar, seemingly not anymore. ☹️ As I was getting to, I believe the Start Menu should be modified into the 'Apps Drawer' (maybe Start Drawer?) which takes the pinned apps style but alphabetised like the 'All Apps List' which this would replace. At the top there would be a line of apps and files (with the potential for arrows to move to different "pages" or expand for more recommendations). This "Recommendations" section could be disabled via a toggle in the Settings app, and if so the list would move up to use the empty space. I think this would make the new Start Menu work a lot better, especially if you're using a device with a "built-in" touchscreen. Pinned apps would be replaced with icons on the desktop, just like Android.
  • More than one account in calendar widget. In the old calendar flyout all of my accounts synced and showed.