What's missing in Windows 11, according to Reddit

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What you need to know

  • Reddit users are making a list of features they believe are missing on Windows 11.
  • Many of the listed features appear in previous versions of Windows.
  • Windows 11 is still in development, so Microsoft may release some of the requested features.

Windows 11 will launch later this year, and while it improves upon Windows 10 in many areas, some believe that it's missing some features. A Reddit thread lists several features and options that people believe are missing from the new operating system.

Koken_halliwell shares the list of features they believe are missing from Windows 11:

  • Drag and drop to Taskbar to open files with taskbar apps (WTF were they thinking when removing this??!). This is one of the main reasons that is preventing me to upgrade my everyday work PC.
  • Move the Taskbar to whatever side we want (I use the left one).
  • Combine only when the Taskbar is full (I need to see labels to work properly/efficiently). Also not combine at all for users who prefer it like that.
  • Remove those ridiculous new "requirements" (I've tested myself my "unsupported" laptop works WAY better and faster with W11 than it ever did with W10). Not to mention the environmental disaster it's gonna supose to our already destroyed planet. And BTW despite I can, not everyone can afford a new computer just because MS wants to play [b*tchy].
  • Folders in start menu.
  • Opening another instance of an already running app by shift-clicking the icon in the Taskbar (I think it's ctrl+shift+click how I made that work in W11).
  • Permanently remove the Recommended section and leave all that blank space for the pinned apps (I've always liked the idea of having an apps drawer in Windows besides the apps list). Maybe an option to swap the apps list for an apps drawer would be great (which will directly show up once you press the Windows button).
  • I don't want her back but it's a shame the way Cortana ended and how useless she was in comparison to Alexa or other assistants. Anyway if she makes a comeback it should be 100% optional.

Commenters in the thread also mention a better way to set default apps, adding the option to uncombine folders and apps in the Taskbar, and supporting offline accounts for Windows 11 Home.

Since Windows 11 isn't finished, some of these features may make their way to the OS. Some features, like the option to move the Taskbar to any side of the screen, are more likely to arrive than Microsoft getting rid of the minimum requirements for Windows 11. That being said, we'll have to wait and see to find out what Microsoft has in store before Windows 11 comes out.

What features do you believe are missing from Windows 11? Do you think Microsoft will release any of the features people on Reddit are asking for? Let us know in the comments.

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