WhatsApp Video

Just as Kik gets an update so does the popular alternative WhatsApp which has now surpassed the former in features. Hitting version 1.8 the WhatsApp team is slowly but steadily adding many new features to the app on Windows Phone and version 1.8 will make many happy.

For one, it finally brings video recording and sharing to the table. Hit the video record button, make a video and off it goes to your contact. Pretty seamless and it should be a big hit for those who want such a feature. Other notable changes include:

  • Enhanced location support
  • Set group icon with web search
  • Abe to block contacts and manipulate block list
  • More accurate "last seen" time
  • Other bug fixes

Quite a huge update when you think about it, so kudos to the WhatsApp team for the continued development and support. You can pick up WhatsApp here in the Marketplace for free.

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