Best answer: Overall, the best place to buy the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is from the Microsoft Store due to the excellent shipping offer.

Why buy from Microsoft?

The reason you should choose Microsoft over other retailers for your Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is that Microsoft is offering free 2-3 day shipping for the device. This will get the controller in your hands incredibly quickly once you buy it, and the fact you don't have to pay a penny for the shipping itself is a lovely bonus. Considering the controller is pricey as-is, saving money where you can is a huge win.

Why get the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2?

If you play games competitively or just simply want a highly-customizable controller, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 will be perfect for you. Compared to the first edition of the Elite Controller, this one sports several improvements, such as more durable plastics and hinges, rubber grips that have adhesive, and tension control for thumbsticks that allow you to fine-tune your aiming experience in-game. On top of this, the controller has Bluetooth connectivity for use with Project xCloud, and also a considerable battery life of 40 hours per charge. Finally, all of the benefits of the first Elite Controller make a return. These include the myriad of different D-Pads, thumbsticks, and buttons that you can swap out, as well as lockable triggers and paddle buttons on the back of the device. It's a pricey accessory, but if peak performance is what you're after, this is the controller for it.

The best

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Probably the best controller ever

With improved parts and durability, the Series 2 is everything the original Elite controller should have been and much more, but it's still very pricey.

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