Where's the best place to buy an HP OMEN Mindframe headset?

Where's the best place to buy an HP OMEN Mindframe headset?

Amazon will save you a little money

HP's list price for the OMEN Mindframe is $200, and that's what you'll find it for right now on the company's own store. Amazon, however, as is often the case, has shaved a little off that and will offer you $10 savings.

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber and can get free shipping, that works out pretty well. Not only is it free shipping, but it's 2-day shipping! Depending on your city, you can even possibly get same-day shipping. If you want those advantages and you're a Prime subscriber, choosing where to buy your headset is a no-brainer. However, if you're not, you'll probably find yourself paying to have it sent to you.

HP offers everyone free shipping

Shipping rates from Amazon will vary depending on where you are, but HP is offering everyone who buys the OMEN Mindframe free shipping and one business day turnaround for dispatch.

Simply put that means you'll always pay $200 no matter where you are and you'll get it at your door in no time at all.

A pretty unique gaming headset

Wherever you buy from, you're getting a pretty unique gaming headset. The Mindframe achieves something that as yet, no other gaming headset has: Actively cooling your ears while playing.

As we highlighted in our review, the Mindframe is exceptionally comfortable and definitely worthy of your money.

If like me, you like to game with only over-the-ear headphones but dread the ear-muff effect that causes you to get warm the OMEN Mindframe is a terrific solution to your problem.

Richard Devine
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