Where's the best place to buy a new HP Spectre x360 15?

Where's the best place to buy a new HP Spectre x360 15?

Best answer: If you want the best support and easiest shopping experience, head to HP's own online store.HP Store: HP Spectre x360 ($1,399+)

HP has the best availability and support for your device

Since HP is the hardware maker that builds and manufactures the HP Spectre x360 15, it makes the most sense to buy directly as the company can guarantee the best support for your device once you receive it. HP has a 30-day return policy and a 1-year limited hardware warranty. Additionally, you can purchase extras support that'll cover you on repairs and sometimes, even accidental damage.

HP also has a wide variety of different HP Spectre x360 configurations to choose from, ranging from Intel Core 11th Gen processor, up to an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti with Max-Q design, and Windows 10 Home. You don't get that kind of flexibility on third-party websites.

Buying direct also means you won't be missing out on the kinds of deals you get from places like Amazon. HP offers free shipping, discounts during all the important holidays, and great deals on accessory bundles.

Other online retailers are available

If you don't want to buy directly from HP, there are other online shopping sites where you can pick one up, including Amazon and Best Buy, which is expected to receive the new Whiskey Lake refresh in December. Price and availability will vary as different configurations available at other retailers may cost more. For example, the model available at Best Buy, it costs $1,599.

Generally speaking, you should always look to buy laptops directly from the manufacturer. You get more peripheral customization and often can get the same deals — or better — that you can get at third-party retailers.

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