Where's the best place to buy the Razer Kraken headset?

Razer Kraken
Razer Kraken (Image credit: Windows Central)

Where's the best place to buy the Razer Kraken headset?

Best answer: The best places to get your hands on the 2019 edition of the Razer Kraken headset right now are Amazon and Razer.2019 Edition: Razer Kraken ($80 at Amazon)From source: Razer Kraken ($80 at Razer)

Available with fast shipping right now

The Razer Kraken for 2019 was announced alongside updates to the BlackWidow keyboard and Basilisk mouse lines, and it's available right now. Both Amazon and Razer have the headset available with fast, free shipping options and are matching each other on price.

It's important to make sure you're getting the right model, though, since the Kraken headset family is a little messy to navigate. On Razer's store it's highlighted as "new", while on Amazon it's labelled as the 2019 edition.

Both links above will take you to the right version in the respective stores.

Replaces the Kraken Pro v2

The new Kraken is a mild update in terms of hardware and design, but it replaces the existing Kraken Pro v2 in the lineup.

It's designed with e-sports in mind, and thanks to its 3.5mm jack it sounds as good on console as it does on PC. And it works with any console, be that Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch, simply connect to the headset jack and off you go.

You get stereo sound from the 50mm drivers, a quality braided cable, Razer's new cooling gel cups around your ears and a retractable microphone. Kraken fans have always enjoyed using their headsets as regular headphones when not gaming, and we're happy to report that the latest version is no exception.

Green is the best

Green is both Razer's traditional color and the shade you've most likely seen the Kraken in before.

And honestly, if you're getting a Kraken you should get it in green. It's far and away the best color for it! But it also comes in black, pink and black with blue highlights to go nicely with the PS4.

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