Surface Pro 6

Best answer: The Surface Pro 6 will be available at multiple retailers, but Microsoft is the best bet to get one for launch.

Microsoft: Surface Pro 6 ($899)

Get straight from the source

If there's one place you can guarantee you'll be able to get a Surface Pro right away it's from the manufacturer, Microsoft. It won't be the only place you can buy, but for the launch period in all the launch territories, Microsoft is the one place you can rely on.

Every spec option and both colors are also available from Microsoft, not something which always applies to third-party retailers. If you want exactly the right Surface Pro for you, Microsoft is one place you can guarantee that.

Bundle accessories and save

When you buy a Surface Pro you get the tablet and that's it. While it's still a fully fledged Windows 10 PC, to get the best from it you're going to want some accessories. These include the Type Cover keyboard, Surface Pen, and perhaps even an Office 365 subscription.

If you buy your Surface Pro from Microsoft you can create a bundle that contains exactly what you want. Add in these accessories and more besides, all for a lower cost than buying everything separately. Microsoft will also throw in the Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro care package which covers accidental damage and provides extended protection for your Surface Pro.

Other retailers will join

As the Surface Pro 6 is about to launch, there aren't a massive amount of retailers currently taking orders. That will change, and outside of the U.S., folks can already pre-order some models at places like Amazon, or in the UK, John Lewis.

With third-parties you won't have the same bundle offer, though, and you'll be bound to whichever versions of the Surface Pro 6 they may carry. However, if you're not in the U.S., a retailer like John Lewis will let you see the device first at least before you part with your cash.

Our pick

Surface Pro 6

Everything you want is available at Microsoft.

At least initially, Microsoft is the best place to get a Surface Pro 6. Every spec is available, and the option to build a bundle could save you some real money.

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