Synology DS119j

Best answer: The best place to purchase the Synology DS119j NAS is on Amazon where you'll find the best prices, promotions, and post-purchase support.

Amazon: Synology DS119j ($119)

The online discount superstore

Amazon has come a long way over the past two decades. Starting off as a relatively small online storefront, the brand has turned into a huge platform, spanning across numerous products and services. There are some benefits to using Amazon over your local retailers, which makes it our go-to recommendation for buying a NAS.

Synology has a wide range of NAS products — including the DS119j — listed on Amazon and pricing is competitive with other retailers. It's also super easy to find deals on various products. Should you be subscribed to Amazon Prime, it's also possible to order by the deadline and receive the NAS the very next day. No need to drive anywhere or wait around for a week or more for a package.

You do need Amazon Prime for the super-fast delivery option, which you can try for free for 30 days. After that, it's $119 a year or $12.99 per month.

Community questions and reviews

Those who buy products on Amazon have the ability to leave reviews on a product page, which you can view ahead of purchasing. It's also possible to ask questions before you add the Synology DS119j to a virtual cart, allowing you to check whether or not the NAS is suitable for your needs.

And after you've purchased the DS119j, you have full warranty through Amazon and Synology, the former usually being the best channel to initially go through should an issue arise. The retailer is known to be quick to act when a faulty product is sent out for delivery.

Our pick

Synology DS119j

Synology's new budget-friendly NAS.

Costing around $100, the new Synology DS119j is the company's budget model, rocking a lesser powerful ARM processor, embedded RAM, and a single drive bay. If you don't plan on doing much more than file storage and securing backups, the DS119j is a great value option.

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