Synology DS218+

Best answer: The best place to purchase the Synology DS218+ is wherever you locate the lowest price, which is usually on Amazon.

Amazon: Synology DS218+ ($298)

Friendly online retail giant

Amazon is one of the most popular retail giants worldwide for very good reasons. It has low, low prices matched with exceptional delivery service and solid post-purchase customer support. There are times when things go wrong and the service isn't as expected, which you can find everywhere, but overall it's where many do most of their tech shopping.

Synology has its range of NAS products — the DS218+ included — listed on Amazon and the prices are competitive with other retailers and stores. Should you be subscribed to Amazon Prime, it's also possible to order by the deadline and receive the NAS the very next day.

No need to drive anywhere.

Community reviews

As well as finding many guides here on Windows Central, Amazon has built up a community of reviewers and provided customers with the tools to leave feedback, as well as answer any questions that potential owners may have. Before virtually picking up the DS218+ and placing it in your cart, ask any questions you may have that have yet to be answered.

Once you've received confirmation that the NAS will be able to do what you require, there are hundreds of reviews available for you to browse through. Any issues other owners may have with the NAS would likely be listed here, alongside things they love about this model in particular.

And if you receive the NAS, but aren't completely satisfied just hit up customer support to look at your options on returning it.

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Synology DS218+

Buying the Synology DS218+ on Amazon

Amazon is considered by many to be the best place to buy a whole range of products. The retail giant is branching out to offer more categories, utilizing its incredibly fast delivery service and solid customer support.

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