Where's the best place to buy a Synology DS218+ NAS?

Synology DS218+
Synology DS218+ (Image credit: Windows Central)

Where's the best place to buy a Synology DS218+ NAS?

Best answer: The best place to purchase the Synology DS218+ is wherever you locate the lowest price, which is usually on Amazon.Amazon: Synology DS218+ (opens in new tab) ($298)

Friendly online retail giant

Amazon is one of the most popular retail giants worldwide for very good reasons. It has low, low prices matched with exceptional delivery service and solid post-purchase customer support. There are times when things go wrong and the service isn't as expected, which you can find everywhere, but overall it's where many do most of their tech shopping.

Synology has its range of NAS products — the DS218+ included — listed on Amazon and the prices are competitive with other retailers and stores. Should you be subscribed to Amazon Prime, it's also possible to order by the deadline and receive the NAS the very next day.

No need to drive anywhere.

Community reviews

As well as finding many guides here on Windows Central, Amazon has built up a community of reviewers and provided customers with the tools to leave feedback, as well as answer any questions that potential owners may have. Before virtually picking up the DS218+ and placing it in your cart, ask any questions you may have that have yet to be answered.

Once you've received confirmation that the NAS will be able to do what you require, there are hundreds of reviews available for you to browse through. Any issues other owners may have with the NAS would likely be listed here, alongside things they love about this model in particular.

And if you receive the NAS, but aren't completely satisfied just hit up customer support to look at your options on returning it.

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  • So this whole 'article' is a huge Amazon advertisement.
  • Jeezz, can this tear-jerking promotion please stop?
  • I love my Synology as much as the next guy, but a whole article to serve as an Amazon link? That's a little low. I get it, you keep Synology PR happy, they keep you guys in mind when new hardware is released, but how about an article on some of the other features outside of media consumption? You can do things like showing how to setup or use VPN, Surveillance Station, Photo Station, DDNS (using any ddns option), Email Server, Radius Server, DHCP Server, DNS Server, Routing or maybe even Active Directory (yes, a synology box can act as an AD Server! how cool is that). all that is better than "Where's the best place to buy? He's our amazon affiliate link"
  • FFS do we really need an article to tell you to look at Amazon? Unless you live in the middle of an Brazilian rain forest I'm fairly sure you'll know to check Amazon prices, I can't imagine my 95 year old granny looking for a NAS, but I'd imagine 100% of prospective buyers of this would already have heard of Amazon. Amazon customer service is usually terrible once you're out of the returns period, you're reliant on getting someone who wants to help. I moved from the UK, where European distance selling regulations trump everything, so Amazon can't duck the issue like they do here in the USA. What's worse this advert for Amazon isn't even the cheapest. All things being equal, buy from bricks and mortar shops, where they pay tax and have salaried staff. If we don't, they'll disappear and then who do you think will end up paying the tax shortfall?
  • This type of advertising would be illegal under UK law, which requires that any sponsored promotion is clearly indicated as such, to distinguish it from an actual article. I think the UK Government are looking into how sponsored articles/promotions are distinguished from personal posts on social media too.