Which color Surface Go Type Cover should you buy?

Which color Surface Go Type Cover should you buy?

Platinum Type Cover

The Platinum Type Cover is Microsoft's "default" Type Cover for the Surface Go — default meaning it's the color that matches the device color scheme and also follows along with the rest of the Surface color aesthetic, that being "gray." It's also a signature Type Cover, meaning it uses the more premium Alcantara fabric, which feels excellent on your wrists when typing out long emails or documents.

We think the Platinum Type Cover is the best Type Cover you can buy for the Surface Go, thanks to its matching color scheme and modern aesthetic. There are other great options to choose from, however.

Burgundy Type Cover

If you don't care about your Type Cover matching the rest of your Surface Go, you might be more interested in a bolder, redder Type Cover in the form of the Burgundy Type Cover. This is also a signature Type Cover, meaning it uses Alcantara fabric for a premium feel.

Cobalt Blue Type Cover

If red isn't to your liking, perhaps the Cobalt Blue signature Type Cover will better suite your wants. This one features a slightly lighter aesthetic, and also features Alcantara for its fabric of choice.

Black Type Cover

Finally, we have the Black Type Cover. This is your basic "I don't care about colors" choice, which is also the only one in our lineup to not be classed as a signature Type Cover from Microsoft. This means it doesn't feature the Alcantara fabric found on the others, instead opting for a somewhat cheaper feeling material instead. This does knock around $25 of the price, however, so keep that in mind if you're price conscious.

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