Best answer: Most people should get the Gears 5 Standard Edition, which grants access to the full game, covering all campaign and multiplayer needs. However, Xbox Game Pass is an ideal alternative for fans of the heavyweight shooter, currently packing over 100 games for one buck, including the Ultimate Edition.

All Gears 5 Xbox One editions and contents

Gears of War makes an anticipated return on Xbox One this September, reviving the Locust-ravished world through the eyes of Kait Diaz. Lancer-revving action once again takes center stage in its next installment, bringing deeper gameplay to its signature modes. And headlining Microsoft's in-house Xbox lineup this fall, three editions represent Gear 5's store presence, each with distinct propositions for buyers.

The Gears 5 Standard Edition unlocks the full package on September 10, positioned as the most affordable and accessible pick. Boasting the "largest" Gears campaign to date alongside Horde and Versus multiplayer, it's the complete launch experience, with free future updates. Amazon has already cut its physical disc preorders to $50, undercutting rivals at a sixth of the retail price. Gears 5 is also included under Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC, expanding the Netflix-style subscription service for gaming.

For most budding Gears 5 buyers, the base game is your high-value entry point into Microsoft's latest shooter. Bundling the full story-driven campaign and accompanying multiplayer modes pitches a package brimming with content, with premium editions best suited for diehard fans.

Save on Gears 5

Gears 5 Standard Edition for Xbox One

Uncover the past

Explore Sera. Skim across glaciers, sail over deserts and descend into sunken ruins to discover the largest and most diverse Gears sandbox ever created. Amazon is stocking it cheapest, currently at just $50.

Gears of War fans can also upgrade to the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, a higher-tier package granting exclusive benefits at a $20 premium. Buyers obtain the base game alongside a roster of goodies, including an exclusive character pack, experience boosters, and four-day early access on September 6. The Ultimate Edition also boasts a Gears 5 SteelBook and sticker sheet, but digital buyers waive these benefits for convenience. For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition is included under your subscription.

Full Package

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition for Xbox One

Experience Gears 5 in full glory

Primed for Gears 5's biggest fans, the Ultimate Edition features an exclusive SteelBook enclosure and exclusive in-game items. And with four-day early access, what isn't there to like?

However, there's also the Gears 5 Collector's Edition, a limited-edition package with a hefty accompanying price tag. Unlike the statue included with Gears of War 4, Gears 5 offers up a replica remote-controlled JACK Drone plucked from the universe. Benefits of the Ultimate Edition, art prints, and patches accompany the flying companion too; all contained alongside a themed box. This GameStop-exclusive bundle doesn't come cheap though, priced at $270.

The elite purchase

Gears 5 Collector's Edition

Comes with a drone

This Gamestop-exclusive bundle comes with quite the price tag, but it packages the game with a replica remote-controlled JACK Drone, along with all the benefits of the Ultimate Edition.

While Gears 5's disc brings affordability and capability for reselling, digital copies from the Microsoft Store boast exclusive benefits. Hooking into the Xbox Play Anywhere program, purchasing digitally grants access to Xbox One and PC licenses, with progress and multiplayer bridged between platforms. It's worth considering if undecided, especially when gaming across systems.

The Xbox Game Pass alternative

While Gears 5 spans three distinct flavors, don't overlook the value of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's affordable subscription for games. Well-established on Xbox One and recently expanding to Windows 10 PCs, the Netflix-style service packs an ever-changing lineup under a flat $10 monthly fee. Xbox Game Pass for Console will grant Gears 5 access on September 10 alongside an additional library of over 100 Xbox One titles.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate touts added benefits this September, with Gears 5 Ultimate Edition included under the subscription. The $15 monthly fee unlocks Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC alongside Xbox Live Gold, wrapped into unmatched value and convenience for most. Best of all, it's reduced for a limited-time promotion, keeping you covered for Gears 5 at launch for just $1.

Netflix for Games

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Save on Microsoft's three-in-one Xbox and PC subscription

Wrapping together Xbox Game Pass for Xbox, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Live Gold, this trio of services delivers the full experience in 2019.

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