Microsoft's Surface line is made up of a large collection of tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Each Surface device has something to offer, so it's important to figure out which one best suits your needs — and your budget. Here's a quick guide to each of the latest Surface devices available right now.

Go big or go home: Surface Studio 2

The Surface Studio 2 is the biggest and most powerful Surface device ever created. Featuring a 28-inch display with a gorgeous 4500x3000 resolution, a powerful NVIDIA GPU, and a top-notch processor, this desktop is perfect for any task or activity. However, be prepared for the steep price.

$3,500 at Microsoft

Amazing value: Surface Go

The Surface Go is arguably Microsoft's best all-around tablet yet. While it lacks the raw power of other Surface devices, it makes up for that by being extremely budget-friendly and incredibly portable. It's light, compact, and durably built, making it amazing if a dedicated tablet is what you're after. It can also serve decently as a mini-laptop, too.

$400 at Microsoft

Heavy-duty tablet: Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro 6 is the strongest available Surface tablet there is. It's not as portable as the Surface Go, but it's still a fantastic device that will satisfy your desire for a portable machine with great specs. It's also more than capable of performing as a laptop.

$900 at Microsoft

The little brother: Surface Pro 5th Gen

The Surface Pro 5th Gen, also sometimes called the Surface Pro (2017), is the predecessor to the Surface Pro 6. It lacks the horsepower of its successor, but it can also be bought for significantly less, making it a solid choice that fits between the Surface Go and Surface Pro 6.

$740 at Amazon

High-powered hybrid: Surface Book 2

The Surface Book 2 is Microsoft's dedicated laptop/tablet hybrid. The ability to remove the display from the keyboard is excellent, though some may dislike using a laptop screen as a tablet. There's tons of power packed into the Surface Book 2, and it can even be used for a decent gaming experience.

$1,150 at Microsoft

Dedicated laptop: Surface Laptop 2

If you're looking for a quality laptop experience without tablet functionality, than the Surface Laptop 2 is a wonderful option. It's cheaper than the Surface Book 2, but it isn't able to handle advanced tasks like gaming as well. However, as a productivity device, it works excellently, making it ideal for work.

$891 at Amazon

Affordable laptop: Surface Laptop (1st Gen)

The original Surface Laptop from 2017 isn't as good as the newest variant, but it's still a great laptop for general tasks and web browsing. You an get your hands on one for a great price, too, making it perfect for someone on a budget.

$665 at Amazon

Overall, each of these Surface devices has something great to offer. If I had to choose, though, I would opt for the Surface Go, since it's an amazing balance of power, portability, and pricing. People who want to go all out on a desktop should buy the Surface Studio 2, while people that want a strong hybrid device will find value in the Surface Pro 6 or Surface Book 2.

It's important to note that if you want keyboards in order to actually turn your Surface Pro or Surface Go into a portable laptop, you'll need to invest in Microsoft's Alcantara keyboards designed to work with these devices. Make sure to check out our guide to these keyboard accessories to learn more.

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