Which backward-compatible Xbox 360 games do you play on Xbox One?

In 2015, Microsoft debuted backward compatibility – a feature that enabled select Xbox 360 titles to run on Xbox One hardware. With different hardware architecture between the two consoles, achieving this emulation was only possible after overcoming some formidable technical hurdles.

Two years later, Xbox One backward compatibility remains a vital offering of the console and is now about to receive its first major revamp. Later this fall, select original Xbox games will become compatible via the program, bringing a whole new generation of titles to the Xbox One. This will be a closer step toward Microsoft's vision of Xbox One as a cross-generational device, with software expected to move forward alongside future revisions of the console.

Now that original Xbox games are on the way, users over on our forums have been looking back on the Xbox 360 games they've played through the program. While some are only revisiting the classics, backward compatibility can also be a great way to get your money out of previously-purchased titles.

Apologies if there is an existing thread about this but since e3 just completed, I think it's a healthy time to start this discussion. With the addition of the OG Xbox to the Backwards Compatibility Program the Xbox ecosystem just became a lot more valuable. The bigger news here is that the games moving forward will be forward compatible to new systems when the time comes. No need to buy...


But we want to hear from you! Which Xbox 360 titles have you played via backward compatibility so far? If you've played several of the hundreds available, do you have favorites? Make sure to pop into our forums and share your favorite backward compatible games.

Matt Brown

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