White Xbox One Elite controller now available for $150

Microsoft caught Xbox fans a bit off guard when it debuted a white version of its Xbox Elite controller in August. If you've had your eye on the pearly controller ever since, it's now available to buy for $150 (opens in new tab), and preorders should be on their way to anyone who ordered ahead of time.

Other than its white finish and grey button markings, there's nothing that sets this apart from the original Elite controller. That means that there's no Bluetooth connectivity on board, despite the feature becoming standard on all regular Xbox One controllers alongside the release of the Xbox One S. If you're looking to use this with your PC, that means you'll need to pick up an adapter (opens in new tab).

If you're ready to snag one for yourself, you can pick up the white Xbox Elite Controller now $150 at Gamestop (opens in new tab) and the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

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  • That's interesting. I just got home from gamestop and they told me that it doesn't come out until the 22nd. So who is actually right?
  • lol Gamestop 😂 they always come with lame excuses when they got it wrong. I picked up 2 myself today from a MS store. pretty sure MS knows better than Gamestop about their own products.
  • Yeah I even looked it up online while in the store to show them and they still wouldn't believe me. This is the last time I will EVER shop at gamestop.
  • Um, cool design, but this is going to show dirt, grime, sweat, stains so easily over time. Basic black isn't so bad after all.
  • How long before the grips peel on these too?
  • I would say about the same amount of time. They only changed the white finish and grey button markings.
  • Why do you care you don't even own an Xbox.
  • LOL Stop the damage control.
    I'm only trying to help someone by replying a question.
  • I don't know, two years, more? My original Elite controller still looks/works great, and I game moderately. Usually a few times a week.
  • If only MS made new games as often as they release new version of controllers.
  • We just got ours in my Microsoft store today and sold about a half dozen within an hour.