Who should buy Microsoft's new Number Pad keyboard?

Microsoft Number Pad White
Microsoft Number Pad White (Image credit: Microsoft)

Who should buy Microsoft's new Number Pad keyboard?

Best answer: You should get the Microsoft Number Pad if you need a compact and portable number pad for working with numbers, and your current device doesn't have a keyboard with one on it.Get crunching: Microsoft Number Pad ($30 at Microsoft)

It all depends on your productivity needs

Ultimately, whether you should buy the Microsoft Number Pad or not comes down entirely to what you need to get work and productivity tasks done effectively. If you're someone that works with numbers a lot, such as a computer scientist, engineer, or coder, having a number pad is a good idea because it's easier to rapidly punch in numbers with one than it is to use the horizontal line of numbers at the top of your keyboard. However, if you only need to type out numbers occasionally, you won't get much use out of a number pad since the keys on your keyboard will be sufficient.

The Microsoft Number Pad, in particular, is one of the best ones ever made, as it's incredibly thin and light at 0.36 inches and 2.75 oz, respectively. Additionally, it also has a small width and length of 3.22 x 4.36 inches, making it very easy to slip into a bag, briefcase, or backpack. Also, the keys on it are low profile and are placed for optimal typing speed, so you'll be able to enter in numbers quickly and comfortably.

The Microsoft Number Pad is marketed primarily as a companion accessory for Surface devices, and we think it's one of the best Surface Pro accessories in particular. However, the pad can also be used with other devices since it connects through Bluetooth 5.0.

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